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Is this a fork in the stream, then at this point?

How has Cannonical support been recently? I used Ubuntu Server for a while, but never really needed to use my support contract, but my recollection is that it was fairly light.

Not to mention CentOS stream is now essentially a fork of current code… total bummer. WTF.

Billionaire bloodline bludgeoned.

Oooooooh Jeez. I went to college in the sin cities and have been up to the boundary waters… I’d say you are one for sure!___

It’s an organic and messy beginning, but the good should ‘bubble up’ leaving the detritus to rot in the bowels of the community listings.

It’s tough. The platform has minimal tools, at least from my limited mod permissions, or maybe anyone’s? Lemmy itself needs to mature the code-base to enable more granular and distributed functionality.

There has been an individual who flamed beehaw via our server. It happened fast and while we can moderate what this user does locally, we cannot moderate on other instances… as others have stated, there is not much moderation granularity, yet.

PowerDelete Suite HOWTO
Before the APIs are shut down, if you want to wipe your reddit account, I found JavaScript-based account wiper to work quite well and is aligned with security best practices called 'PowerDelete Suite.' Once logged into your reddit account, drag the [red button]( to your bookmark bar and click it. That initiates the script that will work on your reddit account. You have options to overwrite your comments before deleting them, just deleting them, downloading your data, etc. Very thorough. **Boot Script Code** `javascript:` `(` ` function() ` ` {` ` window.bookmarkver = '1.4'; ` ` var isReddit = document.location.hostname.split('.').slice(-2).join('.') === '';` ` var isOverview = !! document.location.href.match(/\/overview\b/i); ` ` if (isReddit && isOverview) ` ` {` ` var cachBustUrl = '' + (new Date().getDate());` ` fetch(cachBustUrl).then` ` (` ` function(response)` ` { ` ` return response.text();` ` }` ` ).then` ` (` ` function(data) ` ` { ` ` var script = document.createElement('script');` ` = 'pd-script'; script.innerHTML = data;` ` document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(script);` ` }` ` ).catch` ` (` ` function(){alert('Error retreiving PowerDeleteSuite from github');}` ` );` ` } ` ` else if (confirm('This script can only be run from your own user profile on reddit. Would you like to go there now?'))` ` { ` ` document.location = '';` ` } ` ` else ` ` {` ` alert('Please go to your reddit profile before running this script');` ` }` ` }` `) ` `();` **PowerDelete Suite Code** [PowerDelete Suite GitHub Repository](`___`

A solid choice, IMO. Good to wait for releases rather than roll your own unless you have a VERY good reason to.

The spirit is definitely here. I even hit ‘Top Blocked Users’ in the Top 10 of our security suite (out of globally 10,000 users) due to federating some porno feeds. I was like, 'Yo! I don’t even know, must have been some federation in my feed I didn’t even see. ’

Fairly Comprehensive and Objective Coverage of Reddit’s Darkening
Actually well written and covers the basics of what's happening in the broader context of online social communities.

I’ll chime in as a newly minted mod…. Well implemented enterprise infrastructure supported by a team of experienced infrastructure guys, mods, techies, etc.

It handles all the loads.

Thanks @TheDude! Scaling systems like this is always a challenge and you really get to learn the performance quirks of the code. Thanks for all your work.