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I usually use namecheap because they have a mode that just queries a bunch of tld’s

Not sure if you count Audiobookshelf under arrs but that’s a good one

I do not. When the brain stops working it’s just the end. I wasn’t raised religious and I’ve never ‘felt’ anything spiritual. I respect people who do, but I just don’t - it doesn’t make sense to me.

Not that I’ve a choice but I do feel a sense of calm in the fact that when I die there’s nothing. We’re just a blip in a never ending universe.

Yeua idk discord sucks imo. There can definitely be a place for just chatter but just make a matrix channel

Really grinds my gears to get a review request for a huge PR with almost no context and no instructions on how to run the code / test data.

I’ve even had one guy ask for a review who hadn’t even manually tested his own codes happy path. Sure he wrote some unit tests and those ran but once you actually tried using the code in the app all kinds of exceptions and weird situations came up. No idea how people dare do that shit.

Uhh apparently posted on ur other thread https://ymmel.nl/comment/128500

Can you reach file browser regularly? Attach it to a bridge network and expose the correct port to see if the container is running properly. Or check the docker logs for it. Could be that the reverse proxying isn’t working but I’d check the actual container first and go from there.

Can you reach file browser regularly? Attach it to a bridge network and expose the correct port to see if the container is running properly. Or check the docker logs for it. Could be that the reverse proxying isn’t working but I’d check the actual container first and go from there.

Obsidian, fastmail, Bitwarden, Waze, and a messenger (telegram)

Still wanting to dive into IRC for this stuff

test since apparently my instance can only receive?>>

Guess I’ll be skipping Twitter links entirely now.

Oh dope didn’t realize that could be selfhosted

Really depends on where you live honestly. Just make sure you’re not the lowest hanging fruit. I use a VPN to torrent but cba using a vpn to access indexers for example.

And when choosing a VPN server location? Just anything that’s not my country. If anything happens they’ll just attach to a swarm and grab all the IPs belonging to their ‘jurisdiction’ and ask the ISP’s for PII. My VPN is in Estonia so they’ll probably skip it.

How are you keeping up with new selfhosted apps?
I've calmed down a bit but still would like to know if there are any new 'cool' apps to selfhost. I know of the awesome-selfhosted github repo. Any other great sources, and could we incorporate something like that into our selfhosted community here? Maybe a bot that checks if any new ones been added?

I’m really digging !lemmyconnect@lemmy.ca

Would be pretty dope if you could selfhost this and just point prowlarr to it

Message the admins I guess?

It’s tricky because yeah in theory more production should be happening. I listened to a podcast recently that talked about how kitchens changed during the years. That the initial idea for stuff like washing machines and ironing boards was that women (in that time) would have to spend less time on chores and could be more free (it was argued from a feminist point of view). The reality was that the expectations just went up. Suddenly people expected the towels to be ironed etc.

I believe that a social democracy is the best compromise we can make. The market should be able to innovate but rules set in place to protect workers and the environment. Social safety nets so people do not fall into despair - happy people equals less sickness and more productivity.

I believe UBI can play a role but I’m still not sure how exactly, luckily I’m not a politician.

In the end I’ll always vote more to the left, even though I’m well paid I think a society is healthier when there are less major differences in wealth.

If it’s a static amount of data you could look into glacier. I’m not sure what the exact retrieval costs would be but maybe they’re lower than renting 4TB of space elsewhere.

People who have their phone on vibrate and have video doorbells, how many rings do you miss?
Wish I could just get sound for the ring doorbell instead of everything. Utility seems lost on me.

Any of the Death Races but the old one “Death Race 2000” is so awful it’s great again.

I pay for fastmail so just their webclient

You realize Edelman used altered surveys for China right? Some questions were left and others were changed because otherwise some people wouldn’t want to participate.

So yeah, I’d rather live somewhere where I can voice my true opinion on my government without fear.

Continuing on

On a government sponsored tour, officials took us to meet Mamatjan Ahat, a truck driver, who declared he was back to drinking and smoking because he had recanted religion and extremism after a stint at one of Xinjiang’s infamous “training centers”.

“It made me more open-minded,” Ahat told reporters, as officials listened in.

It’s really difficult debating you because it seems you’re just wilfully ignoring shit.

Don’t really need to when you’ve got facial recognition cameras everywhere. Also guessing they didn’t ask the Uyghurs what they think. And regular Chinese folk can’t really Google that shit now can they?

Ah edelman, the consultancy bureau who helps countries prop up their image. This shit is about as believable as Qatar getting to host the world cup on merit. Imagine seeing this graph and thinking hmmm all these countries who have authoritarian and oppressive governments must be really good to their citizens, instead of thinking that people who speak out of line get shafted lmao.

It’s bought propaganda. It’s like being the shitty student in class who pays a hacker to adjust their grades but instead of something a bit believable asks for an A+. Anyways this shit isn’t even meant for the outside world, it’s just to affirm to their own people that being oppressed is a-OK.

Bluetooth autoconnecting to car when earbuds are already connected
Title. Pisses me off mildly. I've got my earbud in for a reason (quick drive) and Bluetooth decides to connect to the car when it starts. The cars' head unit takes forever to start and have to manually switch over to Bluetooth mode (while the audio is already playing) and the volume is way down. And when you get out of the car it doesn't automatically connect back to the earbuds.

Is there a trick to properly using audiobookbay?
It's like their search function is worse than reddit. Is it on purpose and is there like a trick to make it function right? Are there better alternatives, has anyone built an api for them? They do seem to have a lot and quality links - search is just terrible

Should unsubscribe not remove the posts from my instance?
Or am I just being impatient? Unsubbed from a community that was pretty dead but kept showing up, but still seeing the posts.