Hi, I’m Miss Brainfart.

I’m afraid of sharks, with the exception being blåhaj. What could that possibly mean, huh.
(That’s not a hint, I genuinely have no idea)

Lemmings can also find me @miss_brainfart:catgirl.cloud on Matrix, if they desire to do so for e2ee reasons

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Also remember that propaganda technically doesn’t have to mean anything bad.

Though to be fair, the very concept of propaganda is still a questionable one.

Signal does in fact distribute an APK that isn’t dependant on Play Services/FCM on their website. Uses a websocket, so not the most elegant way I guess, but oh well.

It’s rather hidden, which I think is disappointing. But it exists. Updates itself, too.

Tracker Control is an app that basically acts a DNS based blocker. Recognizes what your apps connect to, groups it into necessary and unnecessary domains and so on. It does set up a local VPN though, so you can’t use it alongside an actual VPN.

The Duckduckgo app does pretty much the same thing, no need to explain more.

There’s more that do the same DNS-based blocking, Netguard being another popular one.

Another option would be to have a blocker running network-wide, a pihole for example. But again, won’t do anything in case you’re using a VPN, obviously.

And then some apps will straight up refuse to run if you block their trackers. If this happens, it should be the last straw when deciding whether to actually keep the app or not.

What is your stance on being able to give encryption keys to a third party without the other participants of a chat consenting, let alone knowing about it?

If someone in my contacts used bridges, effectively breaking e2ee, I’d want to know about it.

Ideally, people should not be allowed to do that without informing their contacts, at the very least.

Don’t forget to knead that ass dough

Wo muss ich mich anmelden?

Don’t even get me started on adaptive sync. New Gsync monitors are finally capable to run VRR with AMD gpus now. Why do they bother still making them, then?

Frame interpolation is still a weird one to me.

Like, with how the latency is obviously still tied to the base framerate, and the fact that lower framerates mean less information to calculate good interpolated frames from…

Basically, the tech is at its worst for low-end hardware that needs it the most. (Which is probably why they chose to restrict it to new models, now that I think about it)

A 4090 owner turning on DLSS3 is kinda like a dental surgeon getting a third car for their birthday.

Upscaling has come a long way though, and the anti-aliasing they use in DLSS is so good, they’ve released it as a standalone feature. That I can appreciate, anything is better than what some games do with TAA.

Just tells you how many tricks have been developed to make rasterization look as good as it does. Fascinating, really. It’s always interesting to see how people work around a limitation.

The thing with real-time raytracing and pathtracing is that instead of being a workaround, it removes the limitation entirely, which is damn cool.

Just need faster hardware still, which will take at least another decade with how Nvidia keeps milking the smallest improvements gen after gen.

But when the time comes and the kid needs to write some assignments for school, you can be like Your Steam Deck can do that too, have a look at what this dock does

Imagine if handheld gaming is all they’ve ever used it and known it for, and all of a sudden you show them than it can be a full desktop experience, too

My mind would’ve been blown back when I was a kid

Raytracing is genuinely cool as hell, but Nvidia needs to stop being a dumb cunt about it

I was going to say Siege, but they removed the ability to play as a team of exclusively shield recruits, I’ve heard.

A tooth aches’ physical manifestation
– 2023, colorized

They might not know know, but there sure can be a lot of meta data one can use to determine that a person goes to school, where it might be, and what school it most likely is.

Or someone else straight up posted the information publicly. That’s always a possibility you have to consider.

Either way, isolating certain websites and services from each other and/or the rest is certainly a good practice to limit what they can gather about you. If you don’t do that already, that is.

Ah, the Exynos variant. It’s not even listed as being supported at all, so good to hear that it worked anyway

Only 14.1? Now granted, there’s so many different models that it might not apply to all of them, but the european/and qualcomm jfltexx for instance runs 18.1 just fine
(well, it’s showing its age with Android 11, but still very usable)

Pretty much all the basic tools are named after and have icons looking like the original, physical tools used back in the analog days of photography, and also painting and printing in general.

Brush, pen and scissors being the obvious ones, masking should also be fairly self-explanatory. But then there’s also stuff like dodging and burning, which is a technique used in the darkroom to increase or decrease exposure of specific parts of the physical image, and a lot more I have to look up the english names for first

I wonder how many people do photo editing while being blissfully unaware of why the tools are named the way they are.

The cool thing about Piped is that it serves as a proxy, so you don’t connect to YouTube directly

which is something matrix bridge based iMessage solutions like Beeper don’t do

Which is precisely what makes Matrix the better option for this, albeit still not great

Now for the important question though:

Do they allow the user to uninstall those apps like any other app?

Why even do this in the first place, when Matrix Bridges have been a thing for ages now?

(Note: I don’t like Matrix Bridges either, they’re problematic in their own right)

  • no bloatware

Does it come without GApps? Most people don’t need half of those

Well that was short-lived, but not unexpected


Will their new project at least not be racist and xenophobic this time?

Same for me, but so far I have no idea why it happens

You can just add lists to uBlock to your hearts content, though?

Okay, the funniest part about this is that even with all the bullshit Twitter/X does nowadays, those ads actually violated their terms, too.

That is hysterical.

Dear EU Commission: What the actual fuck.

460ppi low-res? You got some proper eagle eyes, dang

Edit: Just saw your other comment, didn’t know you could bump down the resolution on a Pixel 7. But scaling down to 1080 on a 1440 display won’t look as good as native 1080, I reckon

One of the reasons why I like my desktop PC so much is that both webcam and mic sit in a drawer and are only plugged in for when I actually need to use them.

Android at least has the setting in developer options to disable sensors, which includes gyroscope, camera, mic and gps, I believe.

But core system services still have permission to override this setting. Which makes sense, you don’t want your dialer app to break when calling emergency services.

But it does make me think, is Androids’ sandboxing of an app enough to prevent it from abusing this possibility?

I mean, you can do it with a single gpu, it’s just that the host won’t have it anymore

Also, if Bente Jorgensson doesn't stop being so god damn cute, I'm going to invade her face with some smooches

Beeper - Has there been an independant audit yet?
*Let me edit in one more relevant info: I don't use it, but my contacts may or may not use it.* For those who don't know, Beeper is an app that aims to unite all your messaging apps into one. To do this, it makes use of Matrix, bridging all those services together. So far, so cool. However, since different services often use different encryption protocols, messages between those services and Matrix have to be decrypted on Beepers' servers, before being re-encrypted with the protocol of the recipient. They are completely open and transparent about this (which I can very much respect), and state that chats on their servers are encrypted, so they can't read them. Still though, decrypting mid-transit kinda throws the whole *end-to-end* part out of the window. Some might say that everyone needs to decide for themselves if that's a problem. But the issue with that is that if you decide to use Beeper, you also decide that every person you chat with is okay with it. Not very cool in my book. That's where the question asking for independant audits comes in, because I certainly don't have the expertise to look at their code. If everything is safe from attackers, then cool. But me for example, I switched to Signal specifically for verifiable and proper End-to-End Encryption, so chatting with someone who uses Signal through Beeper kinda defeats the point. Because, how does Beeper even get what they need to decrypt a message I send to a Beeper user? I don't consent to a third party decrypting my messages, simply because one of my contacts uses their service. That is fundamentally wrong in my opinion. What are your thoughts on this?

How do I make Thunar display the thumbnails that are embedded in my files?
I downloaded a few videos with `yt-dlp`, had it embed the thumbnails, but what do I need to do to have Thunar actually use these thumbnails? I'm on EndeavourOS, `tumbler` is installed, as is `ffmpegthumbnailer` and `atomicparsley`. Though the images have also been embedded just fine even before I installed the latter. VLC shows the correct thumbnail image when looking at the media properties/informations, so it's definitely there. Do they need to be a specific format, maybe? I feel like I'm missing something super obvious

Do you hate having your picture taken because a) You're privacy-conscious b) You have something to realize about yourself that will change your entire life, how other people see you, how you see yourself and how you feel *deliberate pause to allow the realization to set in* **OR** c) both

But seriously, especially to all the men out there: Try it

I received messages about an account that wasn't mine, to an email address that wasn't even the one I used back when I still had Discord. It seems to be them, their address is correct, and is properly signed as far as I can tell. What is even going on here. Come on, Discord.

Can Link get any hotter? (bad pun very much intended)

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