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Libre, not gratis.


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Now imagine if the DVD/Blu-Ray didn’t have any of that bullshit on it, and it just went to a menu, and just played when u clicked play.

On the other hand, if you can interview for and get into RED, that’s a strong signal that you can make in in the realm of private trackers.

Here’s the conservative angle, at least in my view: “We’ve always had the right to repair our possessions before, and we will conserve that right for future generations.”

Then again, what I consider conservative has never actually matched up with the political party, which is a big part of why I am no longer right wing.

It would also cause REAL competition as video platforms now have to fight to be the best to use and the best value.

They went out of their way to move to Discord, a highly closed platform, so I find I don’t give a shit about their opinion/profit model/etc.

Morally it’s the same as if they took formerly open-source code and re-licensed it as proprietary, and cried that we forked the last open-source version.

It’s not as if any reasonable person is going to try to pretend that these knowledge/posts came from anywhere but XeNTaX.

Congratulations, he’s done some good things amidst the almost immeasurable harm that he has done to humanity as a whole.

Very rough. I tried ubuntu 16.04 LTS I believe and almost didn’t come back. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, and I couldn’t play most of my games (which was the most important to me at the time). I don’t even remember why I decided to try ubuntu over reinstalling windows at the time.

Thankfully my second go @ Linux Mint 18.3 was much more usable, or I wouldn’t be here today.

I did one of those once, but jesus christ never again. The kinds of people that would join a piracy community on discord…no thianks.

Because it became heavily associated with illegal activity.

If you ever find or start an r/fanfiction alternative I will post stuff there so just lmk

WARNING: webm doesn’t support embedding a thumbnail, mkv will be used

Embed thumbnails, you’ll never see a webm again.

Retroarch - cloud sync question
I would like to use texture upscale packs with the steam version of RetroArch on opensuse tumbleweed, but I don't want them to be uploaded to my steam cloud (I'm using sync thing to manage them). Can I get away with just using a symlink in the appropriate places for each core, or do I need to do some configuring in Retroarch?

Can’t speak for the others but rocket league in proton has worked well for me. Sadly epic discontinued multiplayer in the native linux build so you HAVE to use proton, which isn’t obvious from the steam page.

If it’s usable for the person that wants it then all is well, just don’t make this default pls

nobody is saying that linux distros that don’t have the gnu core utils needs to be called GNU/Linux

And we’re sick of pointless clickbait drama, Grodie.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, one of the default DE’s they offer is KDE.

Flatpak has relatively weak sandboxing, takes up a lot more storage because sometimes dependencies get bundled a few dozen times, and most distressingly depends on the application developer to be available to do things like address supply chain attacks.

one user per environment in terms of keeping the configs from fucking each other

I think even anti-advertising people wouldn’t be against a band handing stuff out at their shows

outside of that context? yeah, i actually agree with you

Then it’s changed since the last time I was active. Might be worth a second look now.

Ongoing Steam Cloud Sync issues
I've been having ongoing issues with multiple games failing to sync my cloud save status ever since the Steam Deck was first released. I am currently attempting to get Steam to download my RetroArch sync'd saves and have had to force it to start redownloading at least a dozen times to even get that far. Do any of you have any tips on how to more effectively solve this issue? This issue affects at least 2 dozen of the games in my library and my current path is not really time-efficient at all.