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Well, on iOS to have an app-like experience you either connect to your PC every week to re-sign the app, pay ~$15/yr to sideload without a PC or pay $6/yr to get Turkish YouTube Premium, which also gives you YouTube Music Premium and you can use on all platform. Sounds clearly like an exploit to me.

I can share with you a method to buy for Turkey.

  1. Make an account on the „FUPS” app. You will need a Turkish SIM to verify - is a very cheap option
  2. Buy a FUPS card from some online reseller. I’ve used this
  3. Scan the card’s QR code in the FUPS app. You now can use the card to spend money from your FUPS account
  4. Use Revolut to convert money to Turkish liras, and use the „Card recipient” transfer option to add money to that account with basically 0 fees.

Now to buy a family subscription, I personally used an android virtual machine, on which, while connected to a Turkish VPN, I made a new account on a random Turkish address. Then just bought the sub in the YouTube app.

Afterwards, you can invite others to your family. But, they won’t be able to just join, they need to go to -> Settings -> Close payments profile

Then they need to add a CC to their account (doesn’t have to be Turkish), but make sure that they put a random Turkish billing address to that card. Wait ~10 minutes, and they can join the family, and after they’re in, they can re-do the google pay stuff to get it back to normal. Won’t kick them out.

Well, normal YT premium is $14/mo, so $0.50 is practically piracy.

There definitely is a way with jailbreaking, as I’m sure there are tweaks for youtube on the repos. But that requires an exploit.

With no jailbreak - you can sideload this:

A fun YAML fact is that it’s a superset of JSON. All JSON is valid YAML.

Kooha is pretty nice, remember that it needs a portal.

You don’t need your registrar to have anything in regards to SSL, you can do it all yourself

Sometimes one might have issues with delayed opening of GTK apps, but I’m pretty sure there can be multiple causes. All misconfiguration, so it would be weird since you’re on Kubuntu.

Turkish Family - 0.54$/person/mo
Turkish Student - 0.72$/person/mo
Turkish Individual - 1.08$/person/mo
US Family - 4.59$/person/mo
US Student - 7.99$/person/mo
US Individual - 13.99$/person/mo

Method is:

  1. Make an account in the FUPS app - use something like to get a phone number
  2. Go online and buy a FUPS card from some kinda reseller. You can add it to the app with just a qr code, the app has no KYC (with some limits I think like $500/mo)
  3. Get a Revolut account, convert your money to Liras on Revolut and withdraw to that CC

I wonder if people would consider purchasing YouTube Premium with Turkish Liras ethical. For example - alt account buys YouTube Premium (around 59.99 TRY - 2.16 USD) and can add 4 more people to the family, so each person pays only about 54 cents per month.

I’d rather use a PWA that uses my firefox install than use an electron app which bundles chromium. And PWAs are standard, and can work on mobile too…

That sucks, it’s be good if you could disable DHCP overall and do it on the PiHole.

find ~ -type f -executable

will give you a list of all executable files You can probably use find’s -exec to move them all.

Lemmy should have a cross-post feature that looks good in the apps and the clients should have an option to filter cross posts out if you can see the original post.

aren’t the new servers tickless

Everything in the post you linked has been addressed BTW

A good way to access multiple web UIs on one local device?
Currently my home server runs a few services that have a web UI. I currently access them by typing in the IP address and port number, but it’s now starting to get annoying to remember the ports. What’s the best way to handle this? I’ve thought of two solutions: 1. I’m running a local DNS server, so I probably would be able to make CNAMEs from something like `adguard.server.local` to the IP, and do a reverse proxy with something like Caddy 2. Maybe there’s some unified dashboard app that is a reverse proxy with some simple frontend where I can just navigate to `server.local` and click a button to choose which specific service I want to see? What are your opinions on this?

Selfhosting a proxy at home?
Hello! I have a server that runs 24/7, and have recently started doing some stuff that requires scraping the web. The websites are detecting the server’s IP to not be residential though, and it’s causing issues. I’d like to host a proxy server on the small server I have running 24/7 in my house, so that everything for that 1 page could be proxied through it. Does anyone have any idea how I’d set up a server like that? Thanks.

please disregard this post, thanks

Hi, I've made a port of [catppuccin]( for Lemmy. Might not be a unix rice, but thought this would be a good place to post it, since you can use it to fit it with your rices. It works as a custom theme if you run an instance, and as a Stylus theme!

Hello everyone, I didn't really like the darkly lemmy theme, so I've decided to port Catppuccin Macchiato Pink. You should be able to see it in action by going to [my instance](, as I've set it to be the default there. I've shared both the final CSS that you can use as a [custom theme]( if you're an instance owner and as a theme for the [](Stylus) extension, and the `_variables.scss` file if you want to modify something using