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No, how would it work with Alzheimer’s, brain tumours and other things that affect behaviour?

The improvements are awesome, great to see it sorted out before Reddit cuts off API access.

I just occasionally see error message popups for JSON syntax errors.

Because it’s a lot of work to check that repos contain no confidential information, and to sync internal and external repos if there is a need for some internal-specific stuff. Especially when most software is very specific - e.g. I work in data pipelines for accounting and our logic is specific to our accounting processes.

I think some industries like video games should absolutely do it though, where the turn-around time on products is much faster. The main objection is that it just helps competition (and asset-swap scammers, etc.) but I think that’s missing the bigger picture of more tooling and assets helping to grow the industry and labour pool as a whole.

Ultima VII - with the FOSS Exult engine, it’s old but has AI schedules, and stuff that really reminded me of TES.

Baldur’s Gate 1 - it’s quite old and much more linear in many ways than TES, but the semi-open world was still great. The Pathfinder games are also quite similar for a modern alternative. Avernum is also a little bit similar for the open world aspect.

Thief 1 + 2 - first-person stealth games, this directly influenced Oblivion. The Dark Mod also has some good newer maps.

Deus Ex (especially the original 2) - first person immersive sims.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - the closest to TES overall.

Daggerfall (Daggerfall Unity), Morrowind (OpenMW), Oblivion - if you haven’t played them already.

Arx Fatalis (Arx Libertatis) and Ultima Underworld - share some aspects with TES although are much more dungeon crawlers.

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - quite different but the large open world and focus on exploration is amazing.

You got it the wrong way around.

The EU is dying - our societies are in free-fall, wages through the floor compared to the US, tens of millions of refugees pouring in drive down labour rights and driving up housing costs, austerity-driven governments cutting police funding leading to much more street crime, high inflation and a lack of competitiveness due to the energy crisis, etc.

Why? It helps people see things that are relevant to them which helps them find things they want, helps small businesses find niche audiences, and keeps the economy moving.

This sort of anti-technology stuff is why the EU is becoming an economic backwater vs. the USA.

If you’re on the same network it does literally nothing.

If you mean on a VPS, you might have to pay for the high bandwidth and they might monitor your traffic and blacklist you.

It’s worth it if there’s something specific you want to work on.

A Masters’ Degree (and PhD) is almost the only opportunity to work on certain things like distributed systems, P2P systems, federated networks (like this), consensus under Byzantine conditions, cryptography, operating systems and programming languages development, etc.

So I’d only do it if you have something in mind that you’d like to work and somewhere that you’d like to do it.

How does closed registration stop this? How do you magically detect trolls (or even bots?)?

The only fix is the ability for admins and moderators to permanently delete content and that shouldn’t be a problem.

At the end of the day the admins can just SSH into the server and delete it. It’s not on the blockchain.

You just need the prod keys, title keys and firmware. You can download all of them.

But don’t use the fitgirl rips, find the xci files directly.

The situation in Germany is terrible - https://blog.raychenon.com/file-sharing-violations-in-germany/

In Germany private law firms can carry out the investigation, warning letters and prosecution, maybe in the latter case with the GVU. Germany loves its citizens reporting eachother ever since the DDR days.

My advice would be to move anywhere but Germany.

With AI-generated images too this is a real minefield.

Honestly I’d rather we just de-federate from porn instances entirely, people can sign up there directly if they want that.

It’s slow. Fundamentally to send a packet of data to someone you need to know where to send it.

So there are two options:

  • Maintain a trust network for allowed peers who you can guarantee won’t snitch - like private trackers, and then use direct connections freely
  • Send it via intermediaries who don’t give a shit about being exposed (e.g. VPN services, or i2p out proxies)

But with the intermediaries approach your speed will always be bottlenecked by the slowest of the intermediaries.

Yes, although Reddit was more mature by then and had some communities already.

Hmm something happened in 2008-2009 though, as it was when I migrated and I remember loads of people were doing it at the same time.

It might have just been Reddit having a cleaner, more direct interface, and a better community.

Title should really be Arc<[T]> at first I was like Arc<T> makes no sense.

It’s a great video though. It’d be nice if the compiler / clippy could detect entirely non-mutable uses of data structures that could be switched like this.

Jerboa is better than the official web UI at the moment.

They aren’t really screening anything. The trolls can just enter what the admins want to see - especially in this era of ChatGPT.

It’s just pointless theatre.

Yeah, that’s understandable, but maybe just stick it out until there’s a new manager then.

But overall I’d recommend being more open rather than less. It’s rare for people to over-react like that, they should understand and it’s part of their role as a manager.

Worth noting that the main migration happened in 2007 and start of 2008, but look how it managed to drag on for another 4 years before really dying.

I think the same will happen here - like there’ll be a lot of users on Reddit still, but it’ll be heavily corporate controlled and moderated, and most comments will be on the level of “Putin small pp” etc.

Speak to your skip-line manager with what you wrote here and see if you can change teams.

Otherwise start applying to jobs (maybe start internally if you’re in a large company).

There’s no use in staying in a bad situation.

But Rust is modern. The only real alternatives would be Go or Javascript, Go has a lot more footguns IMO, and Javascript has its own issues with the type system, etc.

The main issues you’re talking about are in the lemmy-ui which is not written in Rust, but in InfernoJS / Typescript.

FWIW a good library will do a lot of this for you - e.g. clap for Rust.

Read this article - https://tailscale.com/blog/how-nat-traversal-works/

Maybe one day ipv6 will allow direct connections again, but I get the feeling that ISPs will still disallow new inbound connections by default.

But the multiple jumps make it very slow.

There’s a reason we want port forwarding for near direct connections for torrenting.

FWIW most of the glitches are in the official web UI, so using another UI (e.g. Jerboa on Android) fixes most of the issues.

Do you have a source for this (like genuinely, I’d like to read about it) as I was 99% sure that Gnutella didn’t do out-of-order swarm piece downloading like BitTorrent.

I’m not that familiar with eMule and its networks though - but it’d be interesting to learn about. These slides were cool - https://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~akella/CS640/F07/slides/F07_Lecture19_p2p.pdf but also don’t cover eMule lol

I won’t go back. This is the final step in a long journey of enshittification - the Conde Nast sale, proliferation of power mods, the new UI redesign, subreddit ban waves, the Ellen Pao and Aimee Knight incidents etc.

I’ve only seen one troll, who was banned from Lemmy.world very quickly. And one political troll that I just blocked.

Can you link to the issues in the mod log?

Beehaw’s power trip wasn’t really justified.

Best Seedbox / VPS providers?
What are the best providers these days that don't worry about total traffic or hosting small services?

But it’s also nice to have stuff indexed in Google when looking up product reviews and technical issues, etc. - it’s a double-edged sword.

Ideally it’d be possible to make some comments pseudonymous at least (so only instance admins, or possibly community moderators could see the real author).

I wish it were easier to maintain anonymity with indexing. Like it’s weird that you can easily find people’s archive of TikTok comments on Google, but in the app you can’t see them.

Likewise if there were a way for posting stuff without making it easy for malicious actors to look at your whole post history to piece together who you are.

The same happened with the migration to Reddit from Digg. It wasn’t all overnight, some people switched early as Reddit got more users, and for a while people used both, etc.

But I think things are in a pretty good state (especially if 0.18 fixes some of the UI issues), I see no reason to go back to Reddit.

Mainly that as more of the contributors and technical users switch to Lemmy, there’s less of what you’d want to see on Reddit anyway. This is exactly what happened to Digg over 6 months or so.

Why? What would you even check?

It’s not like you can interview the person and check their ID, etc. - it’s just meaningless bureaucracy that stifles growth.