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I’d walk to a lemonade stand to see if they had any grapes.

Hello. Proud parent of a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old here.

At 13 months, that kid is probably getting the hang of walking. They very well might not stop exploring for the entire time, other than a 1-2 hour nap or bedtime depending on what time you’re babysitting.

Ask the parents about nap/bedtime schedule, feeding schedule (they are likely still on a mix of bottle/milk plus food, though, maybe not), and if screen time is allowed. I’d imagine they’ll give you all that info without you having to ask, but you never know.

The key is to be aware. At 13 months, they might try to get into every drawer, cabinet, dog bowl, garbage bin, etc. they can find. They will also head straight toward any stairs you might have. Don’t let that kid out of your sight. Other than constantly trying to seek out danger, it shouldn’t be all bad.

Hate to be pessimistic, but I’m not sure why I’m subjecting myself to this game.

I was a big fan of Tyler Van Dyke at QB. But, man, it’s time to move on. Let’s see what Emory Williams can do.

These night games are starting to take a toll on me. But, go Canes!

OJ likely murdering his wife has to be the answer here, right?

They’re not appearing on Bean or Safari either - at least not in comments. Maybe they only work on posts right now?

I got my wife’s engagement ring off Etsy. It’s “smokey topaz” and the exact style she wanted, and was very inexpensive. She loves it.

Defense did its job. But more stupid offensive mistakes. Can’t win if that keeps up.

Really wishing the NCAA didn’t overturn his eligibility right about now…

These dumb penalties are killing Miami. Glad to have the lead at the half. But need to cut out the mistakes to win this.

Really hoping last week’s failure to kneel debacle sparks the Canes rather than send them into a nosedive.

I’m hoping the Canes don’t collapse on themselves after that demoralizing mistake against GT. UNC always seems to come in and embarrass us in our down years. Cheers to a good game!

I’ve daydreamed about that Powerball jackpot as well. I’d spend as much time traveling the world. There’s so much out there to see, and I’ve only ever really spent time in a small part of my own country. And I’m not talking about a few days here and there in new places. I’m talking about spending weeks at a time experiencing other cultures.

Hurricanes were on a bye, but I expect them to move up a spot or two in the new AP. Overall, solid week of football.

It’s hilarious that you make assumptions. I use the spacebar trick. I place the cursor in the middle of a word, and then the cursor bounces back to the beginning of the sentence or somewhere else entirely. I’ve never had an issue until iOS 17. Hence, seems like a bug.

Edit: I should add, I could totally be wrong. And it still might be user error. I have no idea. But the cursor bouncing all around is a recent issue I’ve been encountering since my new phone and new iOS.

Not to my knowledge. Someone asked the dev about privacy awhile back. I’m including an image with the dev’s response to that. But I’m no expert here.

Right now it’s Bean. I like the clean look of the app.

So. Fun story. We ordered a king size bedroom set online. I’m talking king size frame, two side tables, a dresser, and a chest. The order got “lost” somehow. After some calls to customer service, they sent out another set. Fast forward a few weeks, we had not one, not two, but THREE KING SIZE SETS OF FURNITURE sitting in our driveway. The store didn’t want them back, and we ended up selling two of the sets. But man, figuring out where to store all of that was a fun time.

I saw a Temple social media post about them likely taking this game with a score of 27-21. Not looking good so far for that.

Not sure about AI, but there are a few audiobooks out there that feature an entire case, and sound effects.

#20 is about right for Miami. The win against Texas A&M was solid. And the win against Miami (OH) seems slightly more impressive after the RedHawks beat Cincinnati (who, themselves, don’t look all that great this year). I want to see how Miami does against the likes of UNC, Clemson, FSU, etc. before I get too hyped about this team. They’ve fooled me far too many times over the last 2 decades.

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