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People are fucking stupid bro. They just need that algorithm to tell them they dont even want to search for communities explore and learn.

My problem with Capitalism is the profit over anything. The environment , workers , resources , quality , control over the things you bought. There are so many examples where corporations abuse their power.

I understand your point on the coffee shop in that you are right. Thats not exactly how capitalism works , if you open a coffee shop and become very profitable then a big company comes in putting out of business forcing you to work for them or close your place. Capitalism is brutal against small businesses. I totally support small business , that’s why I believe that people should have more power not corporations.

Nobody? Look to be honest there are some lazy people that dont want to work but most of us will be happy to work in a socialist economy where we the workers get compensated fairly. Capitalism and open source dont go hand by hand. People is literally creating all of this amazing products for free!! Workinf for the community thats what socialism is. And also the proprietary software is more “popular” because big companies just take open source and make it proprietary then they said they created just look at Apple and RedHat.

I was thinking about doing this but you can be a suspect on a criminal case if Tor is relaying ilegall activities.

It seems that he is bother by how they rebuild it and then do not add or contribute any code and then sell support to the customer on REHL work which in my opinion its not okay and I will agree with RedHat.

Well if thats the case thats really bad in my opinion , I might side with Redhat on this one.

Was Almalinux and Alpine charging customers for support in their builds?

If you are using the arr stuff to download your Linux iso’s which vps you use or it is homelab?

Yes you can , I haven’t tried myself but it seems that it works. Also if you like it don’t forget to donate to support the project!

Your blog looks nice , how did you made it?

No one can force to tip and as Americans we hate the tipping culture too.

Oh I love more and more lemmy! Its just incredible they can create their own server full of stupid ideas and we stay away from that drama

Be willing to learn a new social network.

Nothing is perfect. Everything is this world is about trust even if they open source everything is practically impossible for you to verify all the code and then verified if it really been used on the final product . And that is only the VPN , what about the email provider, your ISP , your phone carrier? , the apps you daily use. Are you going to check the source code of every single thing you use? And make sure it is been using correctly? Also even if you can do all that , how do you know the encryption being used hasnt been broken by a government already? Come on man be more realistic.

If someone stays in Twitter and Reddit just because Mastodon and Lemmy are “difficult” I do not want those people here theycabn stay on their comfort zone.

Hahaha fr its starting to feel like home.

It is very interesting but its not for beginners. Sometimes when you want to self host your password manager for example , it is safer for a beginner to trust bitwarden with the security than yourself. Having a secure server takes times and know how to mitigate attacks.

Would it be possible to create a federated storage? Something like Storj?

Login Issues
I been trying to login into lemmy on two different instances on my computer and it just get stuck loading. It does not login , I tried to change the password and also not working just loading. Is anyone else experiencing this?

The open nature of Android allow you to be the owner of your data. Using Graphene OS is even better than the best iphone ever.

Privacy now that Apple owns your data instead of Google. Apple is always calling back home , they ask for so much private information when you create an account , they control your app store and what apps you are allow to have. Even on the lockdown mode which was supposed to be the most secure it still contact apple servers and when using a VPN not all traffic pass through the tunnel , because Apple dont allow you. If you really want privacy buy a device that you own , and can control. Your privacy and security is on your hands not in a big corporation.

I been using the feeder app and its really good to get tech news , just add the RSS links and you have news that choose to read and not recommended bullshit.

Yeah I read that the main Dev of Lemmy is big supporter of communism.

Latino - Data Hoarder
Hello everyone is anyone here a Latino Data Hoarder?. I am always looking for movies and series in Latino Spanish but it is really difficult. If you are interested send me a DM