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Latin-American dubs were usually done in Mexico, and they usually used eufemisms instead of expletives, many jokes were lost or retranslated to suit the translator’s humor, they substituted references to places and people as they saw fit, and they could even invent completely new dialog 🤦🏻

Sorry, it’s not true. A proper expletive conveys the precise emotional state and the unwillingness to preserve forced politeness, because one doesn’t feel the need to appease others, or because the situation doesn’t warrant it.

They’ll say the helmet projects fake images.

Irrationality cannot be beaten.

Or if you don’t want to be a silent accomplice of certain evils in society.

Would you have nice chats with a mass murderer about art?

You can’t reason someone out of an unreasonable position.

Hitting a flat earther with logic and facts will obviously be counter productive. Even a modicum of empathy and curiosity as to why someone thinks the way they do will serve you well.

But in that case, the battle is already lost. I cannot engage with the person in a manipulative emotional way to use their emotions to shock them out of their mistaken positions. Any further communication regarding the matter is useless. And glossing over some topics is being an accomplice, but apparently that’s the only viable response.

Knowing why they believe ss they do will do nothing to help me show them their mistake.

Conversations are about much more than who is wrong and who is right.

Departing with people espousing damaging views for society, given that as you say reason is not a tool that works, is pointless.

Really? Leaving people to believe stupid, damaging, dangerous things just because you don’t want to make a scene or don’t want even the least hint of rudeness (probably because you learned that extreme politeness, even at your own expense, is a value) seems a lot less empathetic to me.

But you do you and follow “your own truth”.

Are you defending leaving the people believe whatever they want, however wrong, damaging, wrongheaded, contrary to evidence or inane, just to avoid offending them? If not, what is your fucking point?!

“this is true for them

“True for them” is the wrong way to put it. “X is something they believe, even in the face of contrary evidence” is a better way.

The J is lowercase, -ejo is an Esperanto suffix meaning “place”.


And what the hell is going on with the fucking rabbits?!

Agreed. I recognized and liked all the items in the checklist. But a checklist is not a story.

Being so bad that it makes Silver Surfer look good and Jessica Alba an acceptable casting is… something.

Creationists denounce those who believe in ID as atheists

Utterly false. ID is a “wedge strategy” to insert creationism in science teaching and law making.

I think we should push religion to be more progressive, and bring them closer to everyone else’s reality.

I think we should cut totally any influence of religion in education and politics. And then use education to help believers realize themselves that religion is nonsense and that they should drop it.

“Push religion” is leaving space to religions to be considered acceptable ideas. That space should be reduced to zero by exposing its absurdity.

I enjoyed the references, but there was virtually nothing besides them.

It was a hollow book.

The movie was aweful [sic]

Yeah, that was the movie trying to sell that Olivia Cooke was not attractive because she has a small birthmark in one eye.


Alien 4 is an atrocity

  • Johner : Right, you’re the “new model” droid. You can access the mainframe by remote.
  • Call : No, I can’t. I burned my modem. We all did.

Fucking what!?!

If we’re ignoring laws of physics, let’s throw replicators in there.

Browse “All”, subscribe to interesting communities and to announcement of new communities, change default to Subscribed. That’s my configuration. It works nicely.

Nope. Everyone will choose not to learn, and we’ll be doomed.

For most of the US, knowing anything beyond basic math and literacy is “being a Poindexter”.

They’re really lousy for critical reading, though. I like the ones from United Biblical Society, with maps and appendices. They’re good for linguistic reference, and they add titles and illustrations.

Sadly, they thrive on the social mandate to be polite even to abusers.

The reason they give the Bibles away is because they figure that knowledge is power and they don’t want to force people to have to spend money they don’t have to be able to read the Bible.

I want to choose when (and if) I read bullshit, thank you very much.

As a teenager I had a crush on Dominique Françon and her sexual assertiveness until I understood how deeply perturbed she was.

You missed the chance to push back in your refusal. You had plenty of justification to be nasty.

Imo the amount of magic variables in perl is too damn high.

“Explicit is better than implicit” and “There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it” in The Zen of Python exist, I’m sure, as a direct reaction to Perl’s magic variables and TIMTOWTDI.

People in theaters suck. Most people lack the respect and reverence for a shared experience of suspended disbelief.

That’s not the point. The point is that believing nonsense is useless, dangerous, and just wrong.

Politics are pretty bleak. They will not be solved by dreaming of nonsense about singularities, omnibenevolent AIs, “heaven on Earth”, or colonization of other planets. Most likely nothing of that will ever happen.