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And they make a low track version, basically bigger grains. Our cat drags out considerably less litter now, though some cats might not like the texture on their paws.

That’s awesome. Yeah, definitely a rollercoaster for me, winter gets harder since walking was/is a big part of my routine. But even 25kg must feel great. I love feeling like I’ve kept some of the muscle, but lost a beer keg worth of extra weight every time I climb some stairs or carry something heavy.

At first, solo, very solo. Like I’d even avoid my wife until I felt comfortable, because at my size (was over 300lbs) certain things were embarrassingly difficult. As I lost some, and more importantly found workouts that worked for me, I started venturing out, now I do a lot of group classes (dance stuff mostly). Even though I’m still often the biggest, I feel a lot better about myself overall so I enjoy it and I’ve found some very supportive studios with awesome vibes.

Two ways:
One, it kinda gamified it for me, just having a score, meant I could go for a high score on days when I had the time for lots of steps/exercise. They build some in too, like streaks and hitting goals.

Two, the HR monitor definitely helped me push harder in cardio workouts. Knowing when I hit my max, and when it started dipping made even short workouts feel more effective (even if they weren’t, placebo FTW).

The cheap (est, I think) fitbit. Dropped a 100lbs and it was a big part of the motivation.

The Frisbeetarian concept actually comes from a George Carlin joke, but I genuinely thought it was one of the most beautiful afterlife concepts I’d heard so I choose to believe it. That our souls are still here, but also at rest.

I’m a bit behind the times game wise, can anyone explain how I turn on RTX in Doom?

And waste that prescious stock meat, no thank you!

As a practicing Frisbeetarian, I believe your soul lands on a roof and gets stuck there. You just get to watch as time and people pass by for all of time.

Because teaching takes time, kids don’t learn abstract concepts, like social cues, overnight.

Grandma told a funny joke, this is a lighthearted casual situation.
“Great Fucking Joke Grandma!”

It’s not shielding them entirely, it’s waiting until they are old (read:smart) enough to have a good chance of knowing when it’s OK.

Somehow less awkward than if he got it right…

I mean, Bartlett, but also James Marshall (Harrison Ford - Air Force One) and Thomas Whitmore (Bill Pullman - ID4).

Different but related, I downloaded Gboard to my phone, but mostly use it when I’m practicing on Duolingo… I’ve been getting ads en Espanol. Success!

Yeah, that’s what finally tuned me from an Apple everything to Linux/Windows/Android/whatever works. Used to be standard, but the mac with the processor and screen you need, buy Ram and harddrive elsewhere and install right away. The old G5s with that huge case literally made it a selling point how use upgradable it was. iPod changed everything.

Because both just give money to crappy landlords, but with exta steps. Why not just tax the hell out of anyone who owns a building that’s empty for longer than reasonable, maybe with an extension if you can prove you’re redeveloping an office into housing.

20 years after getting my music degree, I still have this nightmare sometimes.

All the story based games:
TT The Walking Dead most, but Firewatch and Life is Strange in a close second/third. So many feels I wish I could relive.

Wife and I have since established the crotch blanket ™. It’s really just a flat sheet, but we each have our own and take them even when we travel. Keeps your legs and bits from sticking in the heat, and crumpled correctly it supports your knees while you sleep.

Not that weird as an idea, but wish we would have settled on something better than “crotch blanket”.

It’s like a hurdles race for toddlers. Its literally just a bar on the ground to hop over, and they still sometimes fail.

Congratulations, you’re well suited for a job in corporate America.


Absolutely no self-respecting Londoner is accepting those pints without asking for a top-up.

For anything that is short measure, and particularly anything more than 5% short, we recommend that you ask the bar staff for an immediate top-up.

ETA: Just realized this is at Fourpure, likely when they did that stupid photo op holding empty 30L kegs to celebrate passing duty relief for beer sold in 40L packaging or greater.

My fellow Americans, one hour ago I authorized a Navy Seal strike on a pineapple under the sea.

Aye aye Mr President.

I’ll disagree with both of you. They both suck pretty hard, but equally. The non-apology at least acknowledges a wrong, but often flips the blame (I’m sorry if YOU feel that way). Whereas no apology leaves you wondering if they even know they did wrong.

Or the newsletter options that are straight up rude…

no thanks I hate saving money, and myself, and I kick puppies.

What if I mix in some flaming hot crumbs and deep fry?

(Blue Flame Tendies!!)

(Disclaimer: Don’t do this.)

That’s why I always introduce a good bit of entropy to my shopping patterns:

-Enter and go straight to produce
-Spend 20 minutes examining eggplants
-Walk up and down 5 aisles pausing exactly the square of the aisle number in seconds.
-Grab a box of tampons
-Grab what I need as quickly as possible
-Return tampons
-Checkout and leave

Somewhere a marketing team is spending hours trying to figure out how to improve the conversion rates for tampons and eggplants for customers in my demo.

[Pan across a bombed, desolate cityscape, fires burning in the distance]

Female Narrator: No one knows who taught the first cicadas to chirp Baby Shark, but we know it was us who launched the nukes to stop it…

I drink one gallon a day because I’m fat and sweaty.

Yup, we’re only at 12, but a look is enough, we’re usually thinking the same thing.

But the other additional one, three squeezes, hands, or whatever can be touched without being obvious, is I love you. Seems sweet, but most often used when one of us is getting pissed off (at something/someone else, not each other).

I use it too, but came here to list it as my stupidly slow app also. You literally own AWS, how can a search for “Black T-shirt” take 40 seconds to load?! If you’re going to be an evil corporate monopoly at least be quick about it.

God forgive me, I’m going defend Prime. I always thought that because Prime was also required for faster shipping, they were willing to explore artistic shows that something like Netflix wouldn’t touch these days. People likely aren’t subscribing or cancelling because of the video offer, so they have more freedom to greenlight interesting concepts.

Prime shows like Solos and Tales from the Loop probably aren’t great for getting new subscribers, but they’re absolutely wonderful, especially compared to season 47 of [generic low-budget comedy baking reality show]. Shows like The Expanse, Mr Robot, Homecoming are all solid and Prime seems far less likely to cancel shows before they end properly.

Even Speed Racer?

(I actually do like it)

You can laugh or you can cry. Personally, I choose both.

I googled so hard. You’re my hero. Thanks!

But seriously, I’m dying to know what insane shit they’ve come up with about legos and the CIA.

Extremely accurate, just like my Casio.

Get a pack of cards and learn some fake shuffles (via YT) then memorize the 673 King Street trick.

ETA a much better performance.