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Exactly this. It is meant for last resort all of your other backups have failed. Literally stored on tape, cold meaning it’s not even turned on. Great for archive and last resort backups, but I would only use it as backup number 3 or higher.

I guess for me it’s mostly docker related. My number one annoyance is that it goes against docker convention to have configs be persisted, or really much of anything be persisted if it can be helped. I just migrated mine and configs belong in environment variables, and it took me a long time to realize that those configs aren’t updated if the docker’s environment variables are updated. That took me way too long to realize. So it’s functional, but doesn’t follow best practices. I guess I’m just a bit salty that I lost quite a few hours on it

Don’t take my opinion for notes, I don’t use any of the notes features. However, I can say Nextcloud is just a pain to maintain, even their docker containers. It’s bulky, it’s weirdly built, you’re constantly modifying php config files. So, that may weigh in on your decision.

For home use? Barely any. You can use multiple computers to spread out your load, which is nice for me because I have about 20ish containers running with differing workloads.

But I’m also a developer who needs to keep up on devops, so it’s mostly a learning thing for me. But I gotta say it’s real nice having everything laid out in a few yaml files that I can tear down and rebuild on a whim

This is a good way to get started.

Docker and Docker compose on whatever hardware you want to start on.

Don’t think it’s production ready after it was working 2 days. It may be, but it’s unlikely you have enough knowledge how to fix things.

Most important there. You aren’t building a production system for corporate clients, you’re doing this for fun. Focus on one thing, try to get that one thing running. Toy with it, make it work. Then start on your next thing. Slowly you’ll build up a large system, but it won’t be immediate.

I personally have been working on switching from compose to kubernetes, which is way more advanced than a starter needs - but I’ve been slowly migrating for about 4 weeks now, one service at a time. Just how homelabs are done

Whenever an article says something sensational like “X SLAMS Y” I just know I have no need to read it. Clickbait garbage headlines.

Eh still, Android offers this, Windows you can do this with an android or an iphone I think, not a game changer personally

Okay I’m out of the loop, why is iMessage on Android such a big deal? I know that images get compressed but it sounds like Google and Apple are finally working together to draw up a spec there. Besides that it’s… A color difference?

Yep, sounds like they aren’t getting my money for a year

Look into dynamic DNS. It’s for your exact case, when your up updates you need to update the DNS host with your new IP. Idk if Google domains does it, I use it with namecheap and then there’s an option in offense that will tell namecheap that my IP has changed.

This isn’t a “production” worthy option because there can be downtime when your Ip switches, but for us it’s perfect.

They’re going to rebrand it and secretly release it under some new PR name.

No, their plan is to rollout manifest v3 and most people will accept it.

Got it. So I’m thinking my ZFS is what killed these poor drives, who didn’t sign up for that sort of life. I think short term I’ll run over to best buy and get a decent 1 or 2 TB drive to migrate things to just to keep it running (and not use ZFS). From what I’m reading on other forums - yeah ZFS was the killer here.

Long term, maybe enterprise drives, or really deciding if my app server even needs a pool. I did that last time as a “I don’t want to run out of storage for a while” but I’m seeing 4TB drives now for a few hundred bucks. Not cheap, but much cheaper than the 2k they were just a few years ago. I don’t store anything on the app servers, just containers and vms.

Well I have the exact same use case and I just checked and yup, 3 out of 4 drives failed in a year. Those were shitty WD blues though, so I think it’s time to shell out real money

How do you know you’re getting higher quality? When you’re looking at them they all seem the same

Currently a few samsung drives. I thought I’d be smart and zfs them together for proxmox, but that hasn’t been working well. Maybe that’s the issue and I just need to split them, I just liked the idea of a lot of storage split up, and that may give me even faster reads/writes. It’s been nothing but a pain though. Hell maybe one of them failed and I haven’t even noticed.

Exactly. Google is showing they are not innovators anymore. A good company would invent new that they would be focusing on. They’re putting so much attention here that it tells me they have nothing better to work on.

They’re going the Microsoft route. Google has been behind on all the latest tech innovations for a while. They were last to build a cloud, late building LLMs, what have they actually innovated in the last few years?

Enterprise SSD?
Hey folks, I'm at my wits end. I've been screwing with proxmox for years now, but I'm at a tipping point. I've just used consumer SSDs in it to run my VMs off of - but I just realized after a dozen or so crashes over the last week that I think the SSDs are the culprit. (Really, _really_ terrible write speeds leading to kernel crashes I believe). I've never gotten an enterprise SSD, if that's even what I need. Any recommendations? New? Used? Brands? Appreciate it

Something like less than 5% of users use adblockers - and yet that’s still too many for youtube. They just can’t have a 95% revenue stream, they have to ruin what little tech credibility they had left and ruin it for that tiny 5%. I hope this only encourages more robust ad blockers.

Maybe. Personally it’s just another huge corpo that’s reading my traffic. There’s a dozen other middle men, but no doubt cloudflare wouldn’t hesitate to release all of my traffic at a moment’s notice.

Absolutely a fair reason to be nervous. For this just follow the rules of minimum access. Only open the ports you need to open, and make sure they only point to the item you want to expose. That will take care of 99% of use cases. Most hacks you see happening right now with home labs are because someone did something pretty obvious - like exposing their router/firewall UI to the open internet (instead of it only being accessible to the local network), same with their data servers.

If you have a good network you can even restrict which IPs are allowed to connect through those ports, but remember if your mom’s IP changes or you’re sitting in a hotel then you’re essentially blocking yourself out (without a VPN or something).

Finally, and I would save this for a little later, you can move your Emby/external services to an alternate VLAN. VLANs are virtual-lans, they are a block of IPs that have firewall rules in between each of them. So you could do rules like “Internal clients can talk to Emby, but Emby cannot talk to Internal Clients”. This can be a daunting thing and will take a lot of trial and error, not to mention probably revamping your entire network - so I’d hold off for now.

For your own personal items? It’s not really worth it IMO. However if you’re hosting something for the public, like a Lemmy server, then absolutely yes you should.

For Emby that is breaking their ToS, and you’ll have a big corpo watching your traffic all the time. Just buy a cheap 5-10 dollar domain and get HTTPS up and running and you’ll be fine.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but check out FakeSpot. They have quite a bit to determine the authenticity of reviews

I don’t have much else to say now but I’m looking forward to learning more.

And I imagine there’ll be some time where I’m very happy to talk about what happened here, but not now.

I just want to like let this process go and not interfere.

You’d have to ask Ilya that.

Remember when journalists actually you know, did their jobs?

50% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Idk what the idiots in corporate marketing were thinking, but in my dreams they were all fired.

It’s a lot of things, but what I said there was true. They literally forbade the writers from playing any of the games or reading the books. They wanted to “attract a new audience” and “make something new”. So now instead of the TV show all of us fans wanted we have something with master chief and if you squint your eyes it might look like a halo plotline

I will never not be mad at that.

Let’s take the show halo fans have wanted for decades now, bring in a bunch of people who know nothing about the franchise, forbid them from learning about the franchise, and then we’ll market to people who don’t care about the franchise.

Corpo marketing big brains right there. Halo has one of the largest followings in gaming and still that wasn’t enough. Hell the fans would have encouraged others to watch but nooo had to make it bland and generic for non fans. And they didn’t even do that well!

And that justifies political ads in the metadata of a pop station because …

Gotta always go with the classics. Steve, Bob, Phil

Don’t say that to the guy who was complaining about too many fries a few days ago

Lol the amount of angry conservative farmers who yelled at me far outweighs anyone else dude. Some of the most miserable people on the planet from what I can tell.

Get out of here with your obvious baiting.

That’s my personal belief as to why. As long as they can think they’re better than someone else they don’t have to actually work on themselves.

Sorry man, but no, granted that’s my personal anecdotal experience.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t people who were complete assholes at all levels, but generally speaking the most entitled people were the ones who didn’t deserve to be. I guess I could clarify that people who wanted to act like they were happy with life were the worst, most entitled people I came across. The people who either did actually hold status or didn’t care if they did were more tolerable.

I won’t pretend to be an expert and understand. The only things I’ve thought over the years were either 1) They needed to feel more important than someone, and service workers are a good scapegoat there or the more unfortunate one 2) There are just more points of contention. Someone doing well won’t react as badly to their laptop being fried compared to someone who isn’t doing well - they have different impacts on the people. That one is more important, but I don’t think that excuses the pure abuse that was hurled at me either.

I saw this earlier and I’m glad it was removed almost immediately.

Working retail/service in the US is a joke because people have become so entitled that they don’t even think of service workers as humans anymore. When I used to work retail at a certain big blue box electronics store I was screamed at, yelled at, belittled, called names, and in a couple very extreme cases had items thrown at me and one person took a swing at me.

This is just another example of that. People here in the US are so detached from reality and laser focused on their routine that they literally cannot comprehend that workers may want to spend a holiday with their family too. Or worse than that, they think workers don’t deserve to be at home with their families on a holiday, because they deserve service more than you deserve to see your family. God forbid they microwave a meal that one day.

It’s pure entitlement and it’s disgusting. Surprisingly I found that the lower income/societal class the person is the more entitled they would act towards me as a service worker.

I’ve thought that too. If they made a tiny truck, like an old style 90s ranger or tacoma but as an EV? I’d buy that tomorrow. Literally tomorrow I’d go buy it. But of course they don’t, they’re all these monstrously sized bohemoths that I have no interest in driving.

Until they make my dream tiny truck I’ll just go rent one.

They brag about being able to carry stuff then get one of those stupid long cab short beds that are good at nothing

Or, and hear me out, I can rent a truck for the one time a year I need one. 20 bucks for a few hours from uhaul vs… 20,000 more for a big truck over a commuter car.

God yeah. Even if they had some interesting ideas they’ve been lost to all the circle jerking that there’s no way of seeing how any of them can be taken seriously.

Ah I wonder what indicators you use when you first meet people to immediately judge if they are worthy or not. What subtle deep in your mind factors decide if someone deserves it.

Right here with you friend. Fuck reddit, they burned me hard by killing Sync. The most I use it is when I’m googling something I need.

What Lemmy communities would you like to share that we may not know about?
I'm noticing an influx of Reddit users today, maybe revolving around their weird bug they had today. I know this question pops up semi regularly, but for those just getting their foot in the door maybe we can help show them what else is out here on the Fediverse to help them get started. I'll kick us off, to any newcomers, I help run the following communities, and we'd welcome you to any of them. *(Shameless self promotion I know, but I hope more people join in sharing theirs as well)* * ! ([]( * A community based around the factory building game, Satisfactory * ! ([]( * A community for all Swifties, in our Lemmy era * ! ([]( * A community for all things pop music For help and support, taken right from the sidebar of AskLemmy here * ! ([]( * Thanks to @otter@lemmyca for this one, help and guides for folks new to Lemmy * ! ([]( * Community for asking questions about how to use Lemmy, troubleshooting, etc * ! ([]( * Community revolving around the fediverse, how it operates, new applications, and items that may be above just Lemmy. An important one to kick off, we do have an entire community just for this over at ! ([]( for a more long-running conversation For new users, I hope you find some communities that you enjoy! For current users, share your favorite communities that new folks may be interested in! (Please use both the !__@___ notation and give a link, to help our new fediverse people out in learning how it works)

Or by her participating that she is knowingly involving herself in a scam. Which, yeah, it's just books - but it's pretty obviously a pyramid. No shame if you don't see how it's a scam, the cozy blanket and glass of wine are meant to throw you, and they chose 36 because it's a confusing enough number where you don't think too much about how it grows. She gives one book to her upline. She then sends out post to 36 more people to give her 36 books. Each one of them then needs to find 36 people each, which is now 1296 people in that level if they each want 36 books. Thus the exponential pyramid. Of course there is zero way each of them will find that many people, let alone the levels below that. It's a scam that benefits those higher up, and the ones lower will likely not receive anything. Of course she sees nothing wrong with that. She said "Sometimes I get books, sometimes I don't, that's just part of the game". Which... it's not a game when it's real money being passed around. On top of that, whenever we see a pyramid scheme we should be stamping it out - _hard_. Folks, please spot the signs and point them out. Don't be afraid to comment on posts calling them out as scams. Edit: To be clear the idea of a growing book exchange isn't a bad one, as explained in the comments though the way to make it not a scam is to make it 1:1. You either send a book and receive a book, or if they like the 36 number, you change it to "I'll send a book to whoever sends me a book!". Then it's a true book exchange.

Kiosk OS?
Hey Folks, I've made a couple kiosks in the past around the house, but I'm hoping there's an easier solution out there. Previously I'd install raspbian or something on to a pi and then remote into a full-screened chromium to set it up. Does anyone know of a good OS that theoretically boot directly to a URL with minimal effort? Like I said I can do it manually but I'd like something pre-built for the task. Bonus points if it would have a web-configurator, I may want to change the URL it's using occasionally and it'd be nice not to have to remote in directly.

Seriously launched the app (by accident today) and what is this? They're trying to play the victim from the big bad ad blockers saying all they're doing is trying to show an ad at the beginning of video, and then I see all of this crap. This was after a non-skippable ad at the beginning followed by a totally real "survey" that it wanted me to fill out, one interruption so far in the content, and now **three** ads on the screen. That's **45%** of the screen dedicated to ads. Freaking ridiculous. "But please turn off your ad blocker".

Twitch-like service for the fediverse?
I'm thinking of spinning up some streaming for a couple of games in the near future, (I always do massive 400+ hour factories in Satisfactory) and was wondering if there's a place or software to stream on that's not Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or Meta? I'm not looking for revenue or massive followers, this would just be for fun and I'd post a link in a couple communities if they wanted to watch. I'm happy to host myself too. Any ideas? Theoretically activitypub so I could link it on mastodon and here?

(and I'm a mod of [!]( , and _I'm_ getting tired of how much they're using her popularity)

People arguing about the price of gas, but as soon as someone mentions driving an EV they're "stupid" and woke

What subscription finally gave you “subscription fatigue”?
Learned the term recently and really enjoy it, subscription fatigue is the feeling we all have had now where we are just over how everything is subscription based. Which one was the last straw or most annoying/frustrating to you?

Self hosting voice assistant
Hi all, looking for my next major project/frustration. I've been forcing myself to learn the new AI tools and I think I'm ready for the next step. I'm familiar with image generation and I dabbled in a bit of chat bot stuff, but I think I'm ready. I've read a few blogs but I want to find something that could work with my existing setup. My dream setup would be: A voice assistant that runs locally, preferably dockerized, backup linux, and final option would be Windows, that can run a decent model and preferably let me train a custom voice for it. I currently have: * Home Assistant set up already, I've seen the OpenAI integrations but would like to migrate off of those * Google Minis laying around, I'm willing to sacrifice one of them if it means I can use my own stuff * Spare 1650GTX GPU, I know not the best but hopefully enough to get it off the ground before deciding to go in on a larger GPU that would be dedicated to this Needs/wants/nice to haves would be: * Basic chat functionality, what's the weather like * Play music from my plex or jellyfin server * HA integrations so I could say stuff like "Turn off the lights" Sorry for dumping all of this, like I said I've seen blog posts around, some are doing parts of this, but I wonder if anyone has done something like this. I'm sure people have tried. Guides, jumping off points, even githubs/projects you know of would be helpful. Thanks all!

_I know XKCD isn't truly a meme, but the popular one was a ripoff of this XKCD comic_ _and thanks to all of the shitposters posting these old memes with me, I'm having a ton of fun even if others don't like people having fun_

_yeah but if you join, and your friends join, and they're friends, you know what nevermind_ [Edit] holy shit people I get it, people like it small, take it easy it's just a meme, don't need to keep commenting and DMing