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I was thinking about writing a script that just periodically fetches the community list from some major servers and searches each of them on my own…

that’s cool but I think this might be the wrong thread :)


I didn’t remember doing this for the first two, but I guess I must have. (I would reply from there, but comments haven’t synced yet, which I guess is expected)

[SOLVED] Why is my Lemmy instance not finding other instances’ communities?
Edit: YOOOOOOOO YOU CAN EDIT TITLES HERE Anyway, you have to first **search** for the community in the format `!whatever@where.ever`. It doesn't show up the first time but if you mash Enter for a while it will... Also, this FAQ linked by @Wistful@discuss.technics.de is pretty helpful and covers some of the pitfalls of being the first (or only!) person in an instance to subscribe to a community: https://lemm.ee/post/37715 Edit 2: Found https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/3055 requesting better support for discovering federated communities. Please consider upvoting that issue if you have a github account and think it would be helpful! ---- I made myself a lemmy: https://tortoisewrath.com You may notice I am not writing to you from said lemmy... because https://tortoisewrath.com/c/selfhosted@lemmy.world is a 404. In fact, though it appears to have federated itself with [a bunch of other servers](https://tortoisewrath.com/instances), it only appears to be able to see [two communities](https://tortoisewrath.com/communities/listing_type/All/page/1). These were among the first few communities I tried to access (technology@beehaw.org didn't work but those two did) - since adding those two, I haven't been able to see any others, even on lemmy.ml where the first two were. Is this normal? Do I just need to be more patient and it'll figure it out on its own, or is there some switch I need to flip to make it do the thing? (Apologies if this is obvious to those who understand the fediverse but I have no idea what I'm doing)