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I remember my friend setting up a movie night and inviting me and my other friends when he found a copy. That certainly was an amusing surprise.

The article states that they’ve been lost before, but that they still had contact with the surface. Sounds like this is the first time comms has been lost.

Hmm, wouldn’t that be RAID 1? I thought RAID 0 was striping, where if a drive fails you are screwed.

It’s probably super unlikely, but I’d still be paranoid about that one day where your external drive is home and something happens (fire, flood, etc).

I did something similar until I went full remote. I just had two externals and would update one before going to work and take the out of date one back home.

Totally understand being distrustful of cloud storage. But there are a lot of great solutions that are end to end encrypted. I’ve had good luck with https://rclone.org in the past. They support so many cloud services, it’s insane. You can set your own encryption key.

Don’t forget to enter “cut data” mode first.

$ cd /

I love the macOS clipboard feature.

Love stuff like this! This site still has a listing of a bunch of them https://tinyapps.org/system.html

I specifically remember http://www.menuetos.net/index.htm It’s still being maintained!