It’s nice to meet all you. I am she/her, can speak Toki Pona and English (non-natively), and locatable on Reddit as MozartWasARed. The links at and are pertinent to me.

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Sorry about that, it seems late English skills don’t mix well with meta discussion, though I assumed it wouldn’t be an issue as others could make something of it.

I thought it was, but now that I read the title, I’m second-guessing my assumption. I know I was surprised to learn fortune cookies are not Chinese.

I phrased it in the form of an inside metajoke. Often a common dad joke is to name a celebrity and say “I knew Abe Lincoln, we went to different schools together”. It’s a fancy way of saying “I know them but that’s it”.

When someone I know who I went to different schools together with invites me to their school (as someone who never liked my own).

I’m surprised no place uses IP addresses anymore to authenticate (I was around when Postopia did or whatever that candy themed game place was). Many IP-ban when it comes to identifying rulebreakers, you’d think they’d IP-authenticate too.

Yeah, but don’t you think they exaggerate some of the historical elements even a little? At one point, they used their unrealistically diverse artifact collection (with bobby-dazzlers made from everywhere except China) to promote the idea the ancient Romans discovered Canada (Rome was barely aware of even Iceland).

Could be either one, though now that I think about it, Biblical tax collectors were the ones who were, in a 100% literal sense, state sponsored muggers (due to the fact that Ancient Rome didn’t have an advanced census system to do it systemically with).

Passwords. We assume a hard to guess and everchanging password will be hard to crack, but the whole point of machines is that it can be pinpointed with utmost accuracy, and everytime someone tells you to use special phrases in passwords, they’re also inadvertently saying “hey thieves, here is what to look out for, happy guessing”. They’re supposed to be more like speakeasies.

I remember long ago, when I was active as Dabran2 on Neopets, there was a vault with nine dropdown menus that you had to guess the combination to on the moon Kreludor. It was simpler and far more effective. To this day, I couldn’t tell you what’s on the other side (or I’d have to annihilate you and feed your remains to the turmaculus, assuming you believe I made it to the other side).

Why does a proper concept of a glass floor not apply both economically/demographically?
This question will require some explaining, so bear with me (I phrased it how I did because I wanted to emphasize one of the connections). I ask this here because economics seem to be a huge topic here, especially when it comes to certain schools of thought (not that I'm judging, you have your reasons). So here is me trying to explain my question. First, I must admit I find the concept of a minimum wage to be, for a lack of a better word, incomplete (weird? not well-oiled? I couldn't find the word). While being based by the hour albeit not factoring in the amount of work done, I understand basic existence amounts to a certain etimated value, and you don't want overhaggling, so a glass floor is made. But a glass floor can break under pressure. But I digress. Anyways, I was talking to someone about the concept, and we started using analogies using letters in place of concepts: "W cannot pay X a certain amount of Y so in order to pay to live she goes to Z." It was one of those no-context moments, so our minds were drawn to a third friend who related to it platonically, this person wasn't mentally compatible with most social groups, so then criminals (the Z) would come and say "come join us, we have the friends you're looking for". He added, "police consider 'bad crowds' a huge problem, but nobody pays the involuntary loners any minimum due, no glass floor provided by the public sector, no nothing, and the wrong people get the upper hand here because they're there to farm you while you just want someone to value you enough in a way that translates well to you, and our bedroom community becomes a gossip-cursed cesspool because there is no adhesive". Should point out this isn't a new thought process, in fact it's relevant to me occupationally. Promoters of universal basic necessities of Lemmy, why is there a lacking here? Is it not weird we (officially) have it out for one aspect but not the other?

America’s Got Talent. For the past ten seasons, it’s been as much a talent show as The Curse of Oak Island is a show about historical accuracy.

Oh. Yeah that makes sense then. The way you described it in your original comment made it seem like gnostic-esque advice.

When I was little, meditation was the buzz. I’ve tried it many times and I just found myself “sitting in style”. Meditation is described as inspired by hypnosis but they never tell you what to do when you’re from the small percentage of people immune to hypnosis.

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it completely goes away. Mental illness is the human equivalent of software issues, the very definition entails you can’t be like Neo from the Matrix and seize one’s own mind.

I rigged my senior finals and currently take long distance lessons on the basis that I finished HS fairly.

I mean, mental illness is still going to exist, no matter how much power you give your mind.

Some cooking is much, much easier than others. Making a pizza isn’t as much an issue as, say, preparing an exotic bird. Cooking involves a level of aesthetics and physics that I could never master for the very reason I could never scrape the iceberg of those two skills.

If only it was as easy as getting to a certain point and learning. In which case maybe I wouldn’t have to say I can’t.

I was given a pre-suspension warning once from Imgur for using one of their own old site-sponsored memes because the mods thought said meme was racist. The whole faculty there is definitely not how it used to be, the site is sponsoring its own downfall at this rate.

I’m not sure, as sometimes I wonder which one I am.

I like to think it’s “how are you doing today” because when someone asks me that it shows they’re there for me.

I am in one of those jobs that invites me to visit people in their homes, and there are just so many that aren’t homey. Think the mother of all messes but not as fun.

What’s so confusing about the fact that word roots are pointless if they don’t point to how a word is supposed to be used?

Suppose I was inventing a word, let’s say “chronocide”, and someone asked “if ‘chrono’ means ‘time’ and ‘cide’ means ‘to kill’, does ‘chronocide’ mean to kill some time” only for me to say “no, it’s a name I gave a new state of matter”, would that not be a waste of word construction?

The word wouldn’t be applied to that for long though, as inevitably people going by the same train of thought as the other person might one day look for a fancy word that means “to kill some time”, and the meaning of “chronocide” would slowly shift to its most fitting meaning.

Etymology has jurisdictional overwriting power over popularly-given word meanings for the very reason that it contains multiple words (in other languages no less) that already have an established meaning that would have to change first and simultaneously.

I can’t really speak for your area, but there aren’t many things going on where I am in terms of Black Friday, not like last year and the year before. The closest thing to a constant throughout the years is that one humorist (run between family members) at the store every Black Friday with the charity stall that sells coal lumps; arguably not store-appropriate, but it fills in vacant areas and has a visual niceness effect.

The whole point of etymology is to construct a word that fits a certain definition, so for the definition and the etymology to contradict would render the way the word is built pointless.

Some people are to hypothetical conversation what a boulder is to the wind.

A biography based on the life of Marcus Aurelius.

Side note, make Aurelius himself voiced by Peter Cullen.

You say that like there haven’t been third parties coming into power before. For example, the Whig party used to be one of America’s two parties before it was replaced. Or to use a more severe example, when Hitler became a Nazi, the party had six people in it, and we all know what happened next. Social change is also defined by the action, not the actors.

Not spectacularly long, just long enough it’s the daily-used thing I’ve had for the longest.

An etymological one. It’s a combination of “demos” meaning “of each citizen” and “kratos” meaning “rule”. Demo-cracy.

How did living in caves not backfire on cavemen?
I have a lot of indirect experience/knowledge with caves. I don't have to be one of the people who directly explored one to know one of the first things one learns about caves is how ill-suited for wandering around they are. Slopes can change on a dime, it's incredibly rocky inside, and they fill with whatever falls from the sky. Imagine hiding in one of these, as someone with less intelligence than us, and not expecting to even stub a toe, let alone fall or suffocate. I assume it must be a concern because all the cave hobbyists I know (even if I only know a couple) say they have to split up based on their physical skills (so one chooses a slope-free while the other a rain-free one as would be the case for me as someone who never learned), though I admit I'd be amused if cavepeople didn't ignore these slopey checkpoints and instead it caused them to make some inventions. Another thing that sticks out to me is the rule against fire. When cave explorers (not me) venture in, the most important rule of all time they learn is that it's an absolute cardinal sin to light so much as a match in a cave, let alone a torch (in contrast to Indiana Jones movies where that's the first darn thing he does). The heat from fire is enough to interfere with the stone composition, which in turn threatens to collapse a cave. Imagine having just discovered fire, and you go running to show your family but everyone dies before you can say "hey Mario look what I made". I wouldn't expect a caveman to know about that rule, but I would expect them to feel tempted to find out the hard way. Finally, there's the fact they're filled with disease. Most notably from the cave animals; while things like ticks and rabies are not common in cave animals, they do happen. If that wasn't enough to outright stigmatize dwelling in a cave, even the environment itself is viral. There are caves where the reservoirs are like 100% condensed bacteria. That's got to send awful mixed messages to seek refuge from an oasis and suddenly you have a fear of water like me. How did caves become such a go-to and one where nobody is depicted as having any serious accidents in?

This might sound weird, but why is vegetarianism invalid while “piracy” isn’t?
I've had a certain debate a few times where you might say we argue over the "semantics" of the meat industry. I am what you would call a vegetarian. While vegetarians won't eat things that caused harm to produce, a vegan won't eat anything having to do with an animal. A lot of those who would fall under the latter category hate us because they say anything that remotely resembles someone enjoying an animal product is supporting the meat industry which then kills animals, which means merely eating an animal product makes someone a murderer. Meanwhile, there's this concept many call piracy. It's the idea that, as the meme proverbially puts it, "you can download a car". The idea here, which I say in the way I do because there's still an ongoing debate about it, is that it affects nobody. But then there's the whole industry thing I mentioned. People on the other side of the debate often say "well what about the industry". I'm not sure where on the scale in this topic you might put me, but I feel like there's a glaring contradiction here. When it comes to animals, people think of the industry, but otherwise that's not a factor. My question is... why?

Why do we always consider cultures as inherently better than cults? Are there no exceptions to this?
This might sound like a question inspired by current events, but I've actually been thinking of this for a while and can give pointers to a few times I had asked this or talked about it. The people who the masses look up to seem to have a strange way of dishing out their opinions/approval/disapproval of the groups of the world. Some groups can get away with being considered good no matter how negative their actions are while other groups are stuck with a high disapproval rating no matter how much good they might do, and a discussion on whether "culture" or a "cult" is involved almost always comes up. An example of this is the relationship between Islam and Scientology, in fact this is the most infamous one I can link to having spoken about. People on a certain side of the thinktank spectrum (the same side Lemmy seems to lean towards at times) are quick to criticize Scientology even though they consider "classic Islamic philosophy", for a lack of a better way to put it without generalizing, as not inspiring a call for critique to see how one may change it. And I've always wondered, why? One at times leads people to trying [to exterminate innocent groups](, the other one is just "Space Gnosticism" that has a few toxic aspects but hasn't actually eliminated anyone. Of course, I'm not defending either one, but certainly I'd rather live in a stressful environment than one that actively targets me. This question has been asked a few times, [sometimes]( without me but [sometimes]( when I'm around to be involved, and they always say (and it's [in my dumb voice]( that I quote them) "well Scientology is a cult, of course we can criticize them" and then a bit about how whatever other thing is being talked about is a part of culture. This doesn't sit well with my way of thinking. I was taught to judge people by the content of their character, in other words their virtues, so in my mind, a good X is better than a bad Y, in this case a good cult should be better than a good culture, right? Right? In fact, as what many might call a mild misanthrope, I'd flip it around and point out how, over the course of human history, alongside seemingly objectively questionable quirks people just brush off (like Japan for a while has been genociding dolphins for their meat value just above extinction "because it's culture" or how there are people in China who still think dinosaur bones are a form of medicine waiting to be ground up), no group/culture has kept their innocence intact, every country having had genocides or unnecessary wars or something of the like, things they ALLOW to happen by design. Then they turn around and tell so-called "cults", even the ones that have their priorities on straight compared to cultures, that they are pariahs and shouldn't count on thriving, even though their status is one that doesn't necessitate gaining any kind of guilt. I was a pariah growing up, almost everyone else revolved around a select few people that seemed in-tune to the culture, and they would say anyone who revolved around people outside the group (me for example) was "following a cult", and this hurt at the time, but now seeing all the wars going on right now, I might consider this a compliment. My question, even though it by definition might make affirming answerers question whether they are pariahs or a part of the cultural arena, is why does nobody agree? Why are cultures "always precious" while cults are "always suspicious"?

What’s the longest time you’ve had to wait for vehicles to stop so you can cross the street?
Where I live, there's a law that says all vehicles have to yield for pedestrians at crosswalks. Of course this would be a thing, otherwise crosswalks would only be as good as any part of the road. Despite this, it's a largely unfollowed rule, to severe degrees. To the extent that me and some friends have a "running gag" (generous way to put it) where some of us bet on who can wait at a crosswalk point and cross the street the quickest without going ahead before cars decided to stop. Tonight I had to wait twenty minutes for a black jeep to stop, the longest I've had to wait for years (and side note, I noticed that drivers of certain vehicle types/colors are more likely to stop for you), so I lost that bet tonight if we were doing it. Some of us have also apparently led drivers to having bad vibes because some of us have used our phones to take extensive video of what's going on, causing angry drivers (never referring to the ones that do stop for us) to yell that we're invading privacy. And the response is always something along the line of "what are you going to do, would you really risk exposing yourself just to make a complaint that someone is making a video" before posting them to groups like [the main Tumblr road conflict group]( (such stuff being hidden from there at the moment). So what's the longest you've ever had to wait to cross the street? And do you notice any etiquette trends like I describe in that one part?

What are all the reasons Imgur hides images/posts?
I don't know if what I'm about to describe is a glitch or if I did anything wrong. Imgur won't tell me. I tried to find answers to this but couldn't, having looked on Imgur, in Imgur forum posts, [in r/NoStupidQuestions](, in the Imgur subreddits, and so on. I haven't gotten any answers from any of these places. The context is I have some images on Imgur where the image mysteriously vanished. The link to where the post still shows up, and the image title is still there, but the image is gone, and in my gallery, it appears as a light blue square. I tested the download feature and it gives me a zipped folder as it should, but when I try to extract it, an error message comes up because the folder is actually empty. I know some of the more well-known reasons Imgur removes images, such as a post getting downvoted too much or a post breaking community guidelines (I've had one of each of these and was told a third would trigger an admin notification and possibly my termination), but lately I've seen posts, including one of mine, hidden for reasons that neither of these seem to explain. Despite being told another violation would lead to action being taken against me, this hasn't happened, nor have I received a notification or email for it, leading me to believe it wasn't violation-based, but who knows? None of these images were NSFW or AI-generated, if anyone was wondering this. Most notably some cosplays were on there, my cosplaying even constituted my most popular of my images/posts, and it was there for almost half a year before this happened, which rules out the unpopularity theory, and suddenly I logged on a few weeks ago and it's not there anymore. The tags are gone too, and the "post" button is blurred signaling it can't be posted as new, unless I am misinterpreting that. So can anyone tell me every final reason why a post might be removed so Imgur might be able to help me fulfill my duty according to them to make sure they're pleased with the visibility of my images? This either has a very obvious answer or a very unobvious one, in either case I looked everywhere for an answer because I don't know it and have been thrown through some loops,

What happens on Reddit if you use an alternate account to post in a subreddit owned by your main account and then go to approve those posts on your main account?
I've always been curious about this even though I've never been in this situation. On Reddit, there are things they ban you over if you do them with alternate accounts, like voting for the same option on a poll, adding multiple upvotes to a comment, and so on. Meanwhile, as being a mod comes with duties, Reddit specifically asks you to approve or unapprove posts in your subreddit. For the most part, approving a post doesn't seem on par with rigging results, but I'm guessing that because posts being approved gives automod the impression that an account is trustworthy, it could be deemed as amounting to an indirect form of rigging. And yet, on the other hand, it is technically your subreddit, and even your own posts (as subreddit owner) make you choose between approving and unapproving posts. What happens then if you have an alternate account, use it to post in a subreddit your main account owns, then approve it with your own account which owns the subreddit?