I’m a staff software engineer at Sunrun, the USA’s largest residential solar installer.

I mostly work with kotlin, but also java, python, ruby, javascript, typescript. My hobby is picking up new hobbies. Currently bird photography and camping.

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If you’re tired of Java you can always do Kotlin, it’s a lot less wearing on your soul. And there’s tons of job opportunities.

You are harming your teeth if you brush them that much, that’s why. Overbrushing is just as bad as brushing too little.

You have to select what you want to share. Here’s what it looks like when I try to share my contact card. my contact

The whole point of NameDrop is to add a new contact. So by definition it literally won’t be usable for airdrop if airdrop is set to contacts only.

If that’s the first thing you see then maybe you have a problem. It took me a full 20 seconds to see it.

It shows content from whatever app you have highlighted. If you were recently watching Love is Blind on Netflix and you hover over Netflix it will show a love is blind banner. If you were watching pirated stuff from your home server on Infuse then hovering over infuse will show you the most recent thing you opened. They’re not ads, it’s just a “recent” list.

Roku has tons of Home Screen ads what are you talking about? It was so bad I spent about 5 minutes using it until I went and bought an Apple TV.

Roku is literally chock full of ads, and they send whatever you’re watching back to their ad partners. I thought Roku was good too until I recently bought one of their top of the line boxes and it had ads _everywhere _ compared to my Roku tv. I immediately went out and bought an Apple TV and couldn’t be happier. No ads anywhere, and is way snappier than Roku.

Apple TV. No ads at all, it’s faster than every alternative (unless you’re building your own server), and it is much easier to use than every alternative.

The fiduciary duty of the board was not profit. They’re required by charter to make sure the company advances ai safely. 4 of the board members have no investment in the company at all.

It doesn’t say the new venture was a competitor. People like Altman (and the rest of the board) start other companies all the time. Altman literally runs YCombinator already. This article is just bad.

they’re alright… best thing is how cheap they are lol.

Kotlin jvm is extremely stable, not sure what issues you could be encountering there. The API has been guaranteed to be stable for years and years now. And sure, the other stuff has experimental functions, but they’re clearly marked.

Knight Capital Group lost $440 million in just 45 minutes due to a repurposed feature flag.


Kinda makes the att one seem tiny in comparison.

Ah yes the ole sunweday. My favorite day of the weekend.

… this is a joke right? Israel has been attacking Palestine for 75 fucking years. So it’s OK if it’s one year, but not 75?

you should try! Let us know how it goes.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to indicate that it’s available in the level, but you can definitely turn it off from the pause menu in the overworld, you don’t need to run around to find the tower. I don’t remember if you can do it in the level.

and yeah, multiplayer is frustrating. I still have never seen as good of a system as the lego games in any local multiplayer game.

Hm. I’m not sure. my air I think only has 16gb, but I’m able to run Lightroom, Photoshop, IntelliJ, and Insta360’s whatever it’s called all at the same time. The biggest downside with the airs is that they have no fans so they get hot rather than allowing full use. If I was using it for clients I would definitely go with a Pro. I’m mostly using it for personal use. My work laptop is an M1 Max with 32GB and it just chugs through anything I throw at it, but that’s like… $4.5k lol. Not sure I would suggest that. But like, 16gb on a Pro is probably what I would go with if I was going to upgrade my air and needed something beefier. I have 1tb on my pro and I immediately maxed out the storage cause I shoot in raw. I do wish I had gotten 2TB of storage, but it’s so expensive. It’s honestly the worst balancing act, but macOS is sooooo much better for adobe software (and programming) that it just really isn’t worth it for a windows or linux computer with higher specs.

sooo. I’d recommend a Pro, with at least 16gb of ram. That will probably cover all your needs. You might be juggling stuff with your usb drives, but that’s kinda a fact of life with lots of assets anyway, so I’m not sure that’s a pro or con over other laptops. Get enough that you can hold at least like 3 clients at once on your drive.

I have these two usb m.2 cases:



I actually like the second more. The first is really cool and has an extra output/input for power and 5second power loss capacitor backup and stuff, but it’s wayyy bigger and I just don’t need that when I already carry too much camera stuff. It’s also way cheaper lol, leaving you more money to buy bigger drives.

It’s worth learning it just to understand how large complex DI frameworks work in general, allowing you to understand way more, like Quarkus, Micronaut, etc. even extending outside of Java/Kotlin.

I’m kinda with the other person…go with an Apple, even a cheap air will work better than any windows option (my m2 air literally works better with adobe stuff than my custom built gaming pc with a 3080 in it). Yeah the storage thing sucks, but you should be using a NAS for your data storage anyway, and if you do really need it for things like travel, you can always get an m.2 nvme USB stick and put literally whatever size m.2 in it you want. But yeah, the storage situation sucks in Apple land.

You can turn online off from the pause screen, no need to run anywhere. But yeah multiplayer works a bit better in local than what you described. Haven’t bothered with online multiplayer at all.

I use ikea rechargeable batteries for my Xbox controller and Panasonic or Samsung 18650 batteries for my flashlights. Most stuff I use rechargeables for, but when you’re camping you often want backups that aren’t rechargeable.

DataGrip. best database tool on the planet. JetBrains really does make the best stuff.

doesn’t really need to be brand specific… We just don’t go for the generic versions of any of these items. Like energizer or duracell, doesn’t matter, but cheap ones included with a remote absolutely not. same for tampons. the generic versions all use cardboard, not plastic, so they’re painful. toilet paper and paper towels, once again, the generic versions are all bad, none of the name brand ones are bad.

  • Kleenex
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • potato chips
  • daisy sour cream
  • batteries
  • tampons
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • ziplocks
  • pumpkin puree
  • contact lenses

This is a combined list from my wife and I.

which table? Because I sure don’t see that in the programming.dev db.

edit: nevermind, it’s the comment_like table. I’ll update my other comment with a retraction.

~~We do not. Who voted on what is not stored at all. There’s not a database table for it nor is it logged in the logs. ~~

I am apparently too sick to be commenting on here. Comment likes are stored in the comment_like table (I was looking for vote for some reaason…).

Yeah you can do it with any kind of liquid, like soup and shit.

Haha sorry, I wrote it all on my phone while traveling. and yeah, if you’re running just shell commands it looks almost the exact same as a bash script, and then when you need actual scripting capabilities you get them.

I would not say “heavily based”. Literally only the closure/lambda syntax, which is cosmetic. Rust is mainly inspired by ML-family languages and C++.

All of Cargo is based on (and created by) the same person that created bundler for ruby. That list also misses out on a lot of things, like !, automatic returns, honestly most of the actual language ‘design’ rather than the internals (that seems to be a list of where the architects got their ideas for internal implementation as well, rather than just the readability of the language).

But Rust is very well suited to more complicated or long-lasting command-line tools, especially if performance is at all a concern. Clap alone is super nice, but there are a lot of awesome libraries for making rich CLI tools easily.

I disagree. Like I said, I wrote command line apps in all of these, performance was a factor. But a much larger factor is getting other devs on your team to contribute. And that was just absolutely impossible with Rust. The learning curve is just too high. For something that isn’t a hobby project, but that you might need a team member to roll out a fix in just a few hours, Rust will not cut it.

Yes, you will have way more bugs in all the other programs, but honestly I had a shit ton of bugs in my rust cli as well, because, it turns out, rust works really well when it has control over everything, but man does it suffer when you have to interface with the real world… And oh boy did that make it incredibly difficult to write. Like I said, I deployed CLIs in all three of these languages. Ruby was the easiest of them all. Not just in development, but also maintenance.

Really surprised no one has mentioned Ruby. It’s installed by default on almost every system out there (unlike python), it will have the same features on every platform (unlike python where you might get 2.7 or 3.x depending. It’s simple and easy to read, and only slightly more verbose than bash. It’s very well suited for scripting (please don’t use it for application work). It also took a lot of its design from Perl, which a bunch of people are mentioning in this thread, and as a result has a ton of the features of perl, along with a ton of features from other languages. Rust is heavily based on Ruby’s design, and i’ve used Rust to create cli programs and I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s good, but most cli programs don’t need the difficulty of rust for the benefits that rust gives.

Anyway, python has a really really good cli library called Click, but that’s about the only good thing about it. If you are looking to use this script on multiple systems then Ruby will be much easier to transfer between systems (it will just work). I’ve deployed complex python, rust, and ruby CLIs across an org and Ruby was the only easy one. Rust was second easiest, Python absolutely terrible.

If you’re not deploying this to other platforms or sharing it across a team or something like that then a lot of the downsides and upsides here don’t really matter. Just use the easiest language.

There are!! https://rebble.io I still have mine but haven’t used it since they got bought. I really do miss it, it was great.

You are correct. I didn’t notice that the comments were quite far apart. I was sent that issue by concerned members of my community and I kinda rushed in and commented.

Snowe it seems interpreted this as two people fighting and not just normal stuff that happens on giant repos with many devs.

correct, but it was not simply based on that one Issue. It was based on months of watching their interactions with the community.

PR comments are for talking about the PR, not for having meta convos about comments on PRs.

Then where do you have those conversations? (also it wasn’t a PR, it was an issue) The conversations are about the code and about the decision making process around the code. They belong in a permanent store (not chat) where the decisions can be referenced. Would you recommend creating another separate issue to have the conversation?

I don’t even participate in this repo, but I can say that snowe was off topic here.

I can agree that my second comment was off-topic, but the first comment clearly discussed why the issue should be left open.

However the owner’s reaction of a whopping seven day ban and “learn your lesson” comment was also abrasive and unreasonable.

Honestly that wasn’t the part that frustrated me. It was the no response no warning part of the interaction that was insulting. How am I supposed to know whether they marked my comment off-topic because I commented on the closing of the Issue or because they just didn’t want to talk to users about the problem? How was I supposed to know that I was even going to get a ban (I didn’t even know you could ban people and I have over a hundred repos on GH) for continuing to comment? And finally how was I supposed to even know that the ban was temporary? All the lack of communication did was lead to me making this post. If I had known it was only 7 days I probably wouldn’t have done anything at all. Just let it pass, as waiting a week to respond is nothing in OSS land.

Both sides fucked up here, get ya’lls shit together and apologize to each other yo.

I’ve already talked to Dessalines about it. Not sure what to do about Nutomic.

I will no longer be able to assist with development nor debugging actual issues with the software... Quite juvenile behavior from the devs. It stemmed from [this issue](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/234) where the devs continuously argued in public by opening and closing an issue. Anyway, thought I would keep y'all apprised of the situation, since these are the people maintaining the software you are currently using.

Over the weekend we had a large intermittent outage, followed up by unplanned maintenance that I had put off for way too long. Lemmy runs with several different services. - lemmy-ui (the reactesque frontend) - lemmy (the rust backend) - postgres (the data store for operations, comments, posts, etc) - pictrs (the image data store) The outage concerns itself with the last one. We always knew we'd eventually need to migrate to an object based store, but Lemmy defaults to file based picture storage and that's what we stuck with up until now. This eventually caused the VPS that programming.dev is running on to seize up, and resulted in the outage over the weekend. Saturday night I spent several hours testing out the object migration on the beta.programming.dev site in order to validate that it worked. During this time I struggled with some very obtuse ansible errors that I hadn't encountered before and so I was not able to start the migration that night. I delayed until the next morning (thank goodness). I began work Sunday morning at 10:00 America/Denver time. Initially the migration started off quite well, but was moving incredibly slowly. Looking back on it now, the migration would have taken over 144 hours if I left it to do its thing. I let this run for about an hour before messaging the pictrs dev to understand why logs weren't showing up for the migration (even though objects were showing up in the store). Apparently lemmy-ansible is set to use 0.4.0 of pictrs, which not only is quite old, but doesn't have the ability to run migrations concurrently. There was the issue. I asked the dev is it was possible to stop a migration in the middle of the running, upgrade, and continue. They told me what changes I'd need to make, I made them, did the upgrade, and restarted the migration. It immediately failed. This was the start of my issues. The server was now too full of data to do anything, including running `apt update` or `apt install` to install tools to assist me. I was able to attach more block storage, but I'm not enough of a linux guru to figure out how to mount it where the current pictrs filesystem would be able to take advantage of it. I had to result to copying the entire pictrs filesystem to a fresh ~500gb mount, fixing permissions, and then rerunning the migration from there. By the time I got to this point, it was about 12:30PM. The migration from then on took several hours. After the migration completed, I needed to deploy the new stack with the correct settings. The ansible script needed to run `apt` though, and, well, that wouldn't work when the server was still full. At this point I was not confident in the migration and I also hadn't realized that you could do the migration while the site was running (big oversight from me). I therefore wanted to maintain the entire pictrs file store until I proved the object store was working. I created another block storage, copied the entire pictrs directory over to it again (another 20 minutes or so) and then deleted the original directory. I was now able to run the ansible script and deploy the new settings for pictrs, confident that I had a backup available in case something went wrong (this is not the main backup method, the server is backed up externally as well, but I didn't want to have to resort to those during the migration). That completed the migration, some 5 hours after it originally started. There were several things that exacerbated the issue that made it take several hours longer than I wanted. 1. I let it go so long before doing the migration to object storage that the server was too full to even perform an `apt update`. This resulted in me not being able to install tools I needed, along with a host of other issues as mentioned 2. pict-rs was at a very suboptimal version. If it had just been two minor versions newer it would have migrated perfectly fine, in a few hours. 3. my limited knowledge around ansible led me on wild goose chases several times Things I would change if I had to do it again: 1. Dig in a bit deeper on the concurrency flag in the pictrs docs. It was not present in the original guide I followed (from a lemmy post on another instance), and thus I didn't realize that it wouldn't run with concurrency _at all_. 2. Don't wait so long so that the server is full 3. Migrate while the server is running. That would have been dumb in this case, since the server wouldn't stay up anyway, and could have caused other issues. But there was no reason to take the server down if it had been stable, and other instances have done so with no problems.

What God or Goddess would personify Testing?
There's gods for everything, but of course computers didn't exist in ancient Roman and Greek times. What God or Goddess in your opinion would personify Testing? And yes these answers matter. 😬

Threads and the Fediverse
Start by reading these two articles: - https://blog.joinmastodon.org/2023/07/what-to-know-about-threads/ - https://ploum.net/2023-06-23-how-to-kill-decentralised-networks.html Ok, now that you've done that (hopefully in the order I posted them), I can begin. I have always been a strong supporter of Open Source Software (OSS), so much so that all of my projects (yes _all_) are OSS and fully open for anyone to use. And with that, I knew that things could be used for good... and bad. I took that risk. But I also made sure to build stuff that wasn't, in itself, inherently bad. I didn't build anything unethical to my eyes (I understand the nuance here). But I've seen what unethical devs can do. Just take a look at those implementing the ModFascismBot for Reddit (that's not its name, but that's what it is). That is an incredibly unethical thing to build. Not because it's a private company controlling what they want their site to do, no, that's fine by me. Reddit can do whatever they want. But because it's an attempt to _lie about reality_, to force users to do something through **manipulation** not through honesty. Even subreddits that voted overwhelmingly to shut down still got messaged by the bot telling them that the users (that voted for it) didn't want it and they had to open back up or they would be removed from mod position. This is not ethical. This is not right. This is not what the internet is about. Or the unethical devs at Twitter, who: - built in actual keywords to [mark Ukraine news as misinformation](https://github.com/twitter/the-algorithm/blob/7f90d0ca342b928b479b512ec51ac2c3821f5922/visibilitylib/src/main/scala/com/twitter/visibility/models/SpaceSafetyLabelType.scala#L39) - marked [Substack as unsafe](https://www.theverge.com/2023/4/7/23674936/twitter-marking-substack-links-unsafe) when they released their own Twitter competitor - banned [Mastodon links for no reason](https://techcrunch.com/2022/12/15/elon-musk-suspends-mastodon-twitter-account-over-elonjet-tracking/) besides the fact that they are a competitor - marked [NPR, BBC, CBC, and PBS as 'state-funded media'](https://time.com/6272623/media-twitter-dispute-labeling/) even though that is clearly meant to indicate something along the lines of Russia's propaganda arm RT or China Daily, the same for China. Then when there was enormous backlash, they removed the labels, but did the same for the actual government propaganda accounts like RT and China Daily. And then they removed the limits on virality of those posts from those propaganda accounts [allowing them to have a massive spike in engagement, thus furthering misinformation.](https://www.npr.org/2023/04/21/1171193551/twitter-once-muzzled-russian-and-chinese-state-propaganda-thats-over-now) It's one thing for an organization to have political lean...that is just a part of life, and that will never end. It's another to actually sow disinformation in order to accomplish nefarious things to further your profits. It is what has caused [massive addiction](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1931454/) to [tobacco](https://truthinitiative.org/research-resources/tobacco-prevention-efforts/5-ways-tobacco-companies-lied-about-dangers-smoking), the [continuation of climate change](https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/jan/12/exxon-climate-change-global-warming-research), [death and disfiguration from forever chemicals](https://time.com/6284266/pfas-forever-chemicals-manufacturers-kept-secret/), [ovarian cancer and mesothelioma from undisclosed exposure to asbestos](https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/johnsonandjohnson-cancer/), or selling 'health products' that claim to cure everything under the sun, but can ["interfere with clinical lab tests, such as those used to diagnose heart attacks"](https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/02/goop-violating-court-order-with-yet-more-bogus-health-claims-watchdog-says/). Please do not confuse this for saying that companies shouldn't be able to sell things and make a profit. If you want to sell someone _something that kills them if they misuse it_ and you **market it as such**, you go for it. That's literally how every product in the cleaning aisle of your grocery store works. That's how guns work, that's how fertilizers work, that's **why we have labels**. But manipulation for profit is unethical, and that's why companies hide it. It hurts their bottom line. They know that their products will not be used if they reveal the truth. Instead of doing something good for humanity, they choose the subterfuge. Profits over people. Profits over Earth honestly. Profits over continuing the human race. Absolutely nothing matters to companies like this. And unethical developers enable this. ---- Facebook (ok, fine, Meta, still going to refer to them as FB though) is trying to join the Fediverse. We as a community, but honestly each of you as individuals, have a decision to make. Do they stay or do they go? Let's put some information on the table. Facebook... - lies about the amount of misinformation it removes [^1] - increased censorship of 'anti-state' posts [^1] [^2] [^3] - lied to Congress about social networks polarizing people, while FB's own researchers found that they do [^2] - attempted to attract preteens to the platform (huh, wonder where all that "you must be 13" stuff went) [^4] - rewards outrage and discord [^3][^5] Facebook also... - Allows for checking on friends and family in disasters [^6] - Created and maintained some of the most popular open source software on the planet (including the software that runs the interface you're looking at right now) [^7][^8] From my perspective... There's not much good about FB. It has single handedly caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people across the planet, if not hundreds of thousands. It continually makes people angrier and angrier. It's a launching pad for scammers, thieves, malevolent malefactors, manipulators, dictators, to push their conquests onto the world through manipulation, lies, tricks, and deceit. Its algorithms foster an echo chamber effect, exacerbating division and animosity, making civil discourse and mutual understanding all but impossible. Instead of being a platform for connection, it often serves as a catalyst for discord and misinformation. FB's propensity for prioritizing user engagement over factual accuracy has resulted in a global maelstrom of confusion and mistrust. Innocent minds are drawn into this vortex, manipulated by fear and falsehoods, consequently promoting harmful actions and beliefs. Despite its potential to be a tool for good, it is more frequently wielded as a weapon, sharpened by unscrupulous entities exploiting its vast reach and influence. The promise of a globally connected community seems to be overshadowed by its darker realities. --- As a person, I believe that we need to choose things as a community. I do not believe in the 'BDFL'...the Benevolent Dictator For Life. Graydon Hoare, creator of Rust, wrote an [article](https://graydon2.dreamwidth.org/307105.html) just recently about how things would have been different if they had stayed BDFL of Rust. From my position the BDFLs we currently have on this planet really suck. Not just politically, but even in tech. I don't think that path is good for society. It might work in specific circumstances, but it usually fails, and when it does, people get hurt. Badly. So, with that in mind, I've been working on a polling feature for Lemmy. I seriously doubt I'll be done with it soon, but hopefully FB takes a while longer to implement federation. I understand there's a desire for me, or the other admins to just make a decision, but I really don't like doing that. If it _comes down to it_, I will implement defederation to start with, but I will still be holding a vote as soon as I can get this damn feature done. --- [^1]: http://web.archive.org/web/20220120004921/https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/10/25/what-are-the-facebook-papers/ [^2]: http://web.archive.org/web/20220119204203/https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/10/25/mark-zuckerberg-facebook-whistleblower/ [^3]:https://web.archive.org/web/20181016003104/https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/technology/myanmar-facebook-genocide.html [^4]: https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-instagram-kids-tweens-attract-11632849667?mod=article_inline [^5]: https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-algorithm-change-zuckerberg-11631654215?mod=article_inline [^6]: https://www.facebook.com/about/crisisresponse/ [^7]: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2021/10/18/peeking-behind-the-scenes-of-facebook-open-source/ [^8]: the website actually uses Inferno, but from what I can tell it was forked directly from React, judging from the actually documentation and references in the repo.

[Completed] Upgrade to version 18
I will be updating the instance to v18 at ~~20:00~~ 22:00 UTC. See https://programming.dev/post/181191 for the changes edit: Lemmy.ml updated and seems to have gone down. We're going to wait and see what the outage was caused by and then proceed from there. edit 2: lemmy was down due to [a ddos attack](https://lemmy.ml/comment/909960). We will upgrade at 22:00 UTC edit 3: we had issues with the email setup getting overridden again. If you tried to sign up in the past **8 hours** please try to just log in. If you can't, please message me (discord, matrix, or mastodon)

[Complete] Attempting to upgrade today
I'm going to be working on getting the instance upgraded to 17.4 today. I had tried in the past, but had some issues with cloudflare and dns resolution. First attempt will be at 17:00 UTC. I'll update this post if that doesn't work and provide a second time.

[Upgrade Complete] Postgres Memory errors -> Server upgrade at 23:45 UTC
We're seeing increased rates of memory errors in postgres, due to a [default docker setting](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56751565/pq-could-not-resize-shared-memory-segment-no-space-left-on-device) I will be performing a fix at 23:45 UTC. This should _not_ update the server, so it should be a very fast fix. I expect the downtime to be less than a minute.

DNS Outage
At 6:49 Denver/America time today I migrated the DNS nameservers to Cloudflare. This propogated quickly, but inadvertently I had set the SSL/TLS Encryption mode to Flexible, which resulted in Cloudflare attempting to encrypt traffic between itself and the server. But programming.dev already has its own certificate. Cloudflare expects http traffic to come from the origin server, not https, so when it received https it simply tried over and over again, resulting in failure to connect. Switching the SSL/TLS setting to Full (Strict) fixed the issue. Sorry about that everyone! I'll try to not break stuff that badly in the future.

Server going offline for upgrade
I will be taking the server offline for an upgrade in 35 minutes at 4:00 UTC

Call for Assistance
Hi all, Thank you for joining me here! It's great to see that we have a community that wants to grow in such a new and exciting manner. As it is, I thought it would be a lot easier to do this by myself than it has been. So I'm asking for some help! I have several things I need assistance with: * setting up and moderating a chat community, for those times when users are having issues with the website. I think it's up to the community what software we use, but I would probably prefer **Discord**. Since this is all federation though I completely understand if others want to use something like **Zulip** or **Matrix**! So let's just use what everyone wants. If you have an opinion please post below. * database stuff. I'm absolutely terrible at database stuff, and that is not an exaggeration. If anyone is willing to help it would be much appreciated. Currently I have a need to set up pgbouncer, or we should modify the lemmy source to allow for setting up a bouncer. I also want to set up read replicas so that we can distribute the load a bit more evenly. As it currently is, the site was simply set up with the lemmy-ansible script, so everything is running on a single box 😬. If you know **Rust** and want to help modify the Lemmy source code for this, or you are a **Database Admin** and want to help, I'd very much appreciate it. * instance admins. I cannot be online constantly and I do have a day job. I'm getting messages and applications to join the instance along with needing to set up new communities, create and update rules, moderate, etc. *I cannot handle this all alone.* * I also need some general help. * email admin * migration of server to larger VPS (will have to bring the entire site down for this, unless someone wants to help set up a load balancer, a brand new box, and have some sort of migration strategy.) If you want to help out on the server side of things I will want to know your real life persona, but for instance admins, chat mods, etc. I would just like to see some sort of comment history from you elsewhere. And thank you once again, for helping create an inclusive community.

Database optimization changes
I'm trying to get the instance to run better, so I just adjusted the database pooling to hopefully make things run more stable. Let me know if it made stuff worse 😂

Community Request Thread
Please comment with what communities you would like to be added here. For mod creation I need both the url style name (`experienced_devs`) and the Display name (`Experienced Devs`)

Welcome to programming.dev
Welcome to the community! My name is Tyler Thrailkill (@snowe or @snowe2010 on almost every site). I am currently the main mod at [r/experiencedDevs](reddit.com/r/experiencedDevs) on Reddit, and am starting this site up in the hopes that we can make a collective developer community free from VC influence. This is partially because of the [recent API changes Reddit has declared](https://www.theverge.com/2023/6/5/23749188/reddit-subreddit-private-protest-api-changes-apollo-charges), but also because developers are the ones that can most likely make a community like this succeed. It will probably not go well, I understand that. It will probably be crazy expensive. I understand that. I do hope that the community is able to work together to actually make this a success though. I've started by creating 3 communities: - [meta](https://programming.dev/c/meta) - [Programming](https://programming.dev/c/programming) - [Experienced Devs](https://programming.dev/c/experienced_devs) meta is for discussions about [programming.dev](programming.dev) itself. I think this is one of Stack Overflows best ideas (was it their idea?), because it allows for incremental improvement as a collective group. Please use this to discuss things you think need to change about the site. Programming is for general purpose programming discussions. This is an analogue to /r/programming on reddit. Finally, Experienced Devs is an analogue to the /r/experiencedDevs sub that I currently moderate on Reddit. I hope to pull some of my mods over from there, but we're still talking about it because we don't even know if lemmy is built to handle the traffic that this site could generate. I will be creating several more meta posts in the coming days, so be on the lookout for those. Thank you for reading!