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My advice: only forward ports 8080 and 443, then make sure that you have fail2ban or crossed properly set up on your reverse proxy. After that, you are pretty much fine as long as you keep on top of updating your containers.

I would be careful about which apps you proxy. Idk why you need to access the admin portal for pi hole worldwide. If you really want to do that, you should set up a vpn.

Yeah, in general, but not necessarily in that circumstance. A lot of time talking to tech people (I’m a softwar engineer) they can can be smug about this while leaving out important context.

Yeah, seriously. What is even the context of this? We have no idea. The cops might have been like “We need a warrant to look at that footage you idiot.”

Yeah, it definitely still has a long way to go. I remember back in 2012 it felt impossible to even do basic 3d modeling, but that was more than 10 years ago.

FreeCAD is a lot more okay than people give it credit for. Perhaps I just remember back to the early days when it was basically unusable.

Pretty sure thats Pripyat.

No one realizes what this is a picture of huh?

I tried to get one since it was 30 bucks, so I’m not too surprised this is how they operated. They are locking down jindles real hard too. Probably going to make a lot of ewaste.

Did it post twice? I think there is a bug somewhere between lemmy clients. I see it happen from time to time.

What are your issues with it? Just curious - I’ve always found it to be an agreeable RHEL variant.

What are your issues with it? Just curious - I’ve always found it to be an agreeable RHEL variant.

Yeah yeah, I do think even like windows 11 these days. I’m a debian with KDE guy.

16 gb optiplexes on sale for 85 dollars on eBay. Dont come with windows, but neither do macs :P

Remarkable looks cool, but I was talking about a dedicated e-reader. They probably won’t bother because their differentiator is the writing.

There needs to be one that is kindle adjacent, ru s linux, and comes with a ton of selections from project gutenberg, selling a little bit above cost. Thats the only way I could see this working.

Just an open source e-ink device with the build quality of a Kindle. Nothing fancy.

I mean yeah. Idk why people pre-ordered it, but they did, that’s their whole funding. Now they owe a copy to all their “backers”, and it’s hard to see how releasing this game will bring in revenue. They are in a very big hole.

Thats part of it because everyone interested already doesn’t like them and is getting this game for free. If it doesn’t have legs outside of everyone who has effectively ore-ordered, its going to be a real issue for CIG

Right. That is why I am saying: beocme anonymous now before google demands your identity to watch videos. That is where I believe this is headed.

Long term, google will demand our identity to serve video data to us, even if only out of principle. I just think that service will degrade in the pursuit of more price extraction.

I have a longer term project to decouple my identity and property from online services. Part of the reaso thnat I am also on lemmy in the first place. With google products, it is becoming clear that anonymous use is really the only answer.

It’s what I would like to see, but I don’t have high hopes for it getting developed. No body seems to want to, because youtube is just too dominant. I certainly don’t have the time to work on this, so I don’t expect others to.

It is just hard to imagine going back to a world where we can view long form videos for free, privately, without ads, without a major hassle. I just think I will be watching less videos, ultimately. I have a lot of work I want to do. I am somewhat confident we will return to that world eventually - the cat is out of the bag and something will fill the gap to compete against youtube’s degraded service.

Man, I love it when evangelical christian supporters tell me I am not Jewish enough. Friggin’ heretical idolators.

Yeah, I definitely agree, and haven’t looked into all the options yet. It is pretty logical that they would catch on to stuff like free-tube very quickly. But I still think the only reasonable posture is to view video content anonymously, until google goes the twitter route and demands that you identify yourself to watch a video. They kind of already do that for mature content.

Is it peertube based? Going there and the first thing I am greeted with is SunnyV2 on the frontpage, so not a good first impression…

This is kind of the flipside I am worried about. Huge potential for the spread of un-moderated misinformation.

Yeah, I thinknthebmost important aspect of these things is that we have to start consuming video without letting Google track our activity. Whether it is Freestone or another client, this means tacking our own video preferences and searching for likewise content manually.

I am a bit worried that long term, Google will simply withold video content. Without the ability to track users, and be the definitive authority on what a view means, Google really has no reason to stream video to people for free. Eventually, Google, in their desperation will resort to more and more forceful measures to track people who watch your videos - invalidating your Google account and cutting off your access to drive, maps, and search is a possibility.

It is prudent to get off of their client and go private now. But we also have to think about replacing the backend, similar to how lemmy is replacing the reddit backend. Peertube exists, but it is a much heavier lift for self hosting. I would also want to see a client that is committed to mixing youtube videos with peertube bidoes, or other backends before it is too late.

I would just caution anyone that blocking ads while logged into your Google account is probably a bad idea if you care about still watching videos there. Google will grow more desperate to show tracked ads to users.

The only ling term solution is to seek to watch YouTube e videos in a private way. Freestone is a good start. New piped and individuals look promising as well. I’m still researching a good long term solution.

Please stop confusing me.

It helps their page, even though I saw it on blahaj.

It’s a question of trust. Google will select the certificates they trust for the services they provide, and the entities that own those certificates will decide what do to with them. If they trust a certificate from Mozilla, and Mozilla agrees to make that certificate open to everyone for instance, than Google’s only choice is to stop trusting it. But if Mozilla decides that is the certificate Firefox will use, than Google has to choose kicking off Firefox as well as other third party apps. Same with Microsoft and Apple, but I think Mozilla is more likely to oppose this kind of standard rather than try to reach some kind of agreement with Google.

The other way that this could play out every browser dev makes some kind of arrangement. Very unstable when we are talking about competitors.

At the end of the day, it requires a level of co-operation with the browser developers and internet service providers that I don’t think a lot of people will go for, for various reasons. Especially not regulators. I guess I am just more optimistic about the open internet.

O use, and self hosted synching for joplin.

I have also looked into logseq which has some of the additional features that people like, but the app was too slow and ubstabled.

Well yeah. But those clients could ultimately just say they are firefox if Mozilla is open enough, which they tend to be. It ends when Google decides that stuff like YouTube should only work on chrome. That would be bad, and I think regulators would treat it as bad, especially the EU.

Just to be clear, I don’t think forcing this standard down everyone’s throats for naked commercial reasons is a good idea either.

It can be very similar to the TLS scheme we use today, where certificates are signed by regulated CA’s. The only difference is that currently there is no regulation to ensure that Google will build chrimium to trust other authorities for browser integrity other than itself. That is definitely a major concern. Fortunately, I don’t think that it is long term viable. First, Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple would be extremely unhappy with this scheme. That’s right off the bat. So there will definitely be resistance on that front because eventually it would do something like break youtube compatibility with Firefox.

Now, I do think that it is plausible that these organizations could come to a agreement that is still ultimately bad for web browsers. There fore, this should be considered by government regulators as something to pay attention to. I’m not too pessimistic about them doing this. There us political will to preserve the open internet, especially in the EU. It looks like the US is also set to re-adopt net neutrality rules. So, im just not as pessimistic about it.

The only issue is that in the short-term, alot of these services that are free are going to degrade. This is what we are seeing with youtube. That is too bad, but I am hopeful and optimistic that it will lead to a more open internet. The fact that we are having this conversation on a decentralized social network is a positive sign.

Perhaps, but eventually there will probably ba a certificate authority alternative to Google. But I agree, we need regulation to determine to ensure that programs calling themselves web browsers will have to adhere to standards, and not be based on features that make certain websites work only on their browser. I think the backlash reaction to implementing “integrity” as a standard was really healthy. But there is still a lot of action to take on the regulatory front.

Except that when you go back and look at the reporting from an outlet like CNN about Ukraine, that is not true. Sure - there are plenty of reports on how the ICC, and the US and the Ukraine govt. have said that. It’s despicable that various US government figures aren’t condemning this carpet bombing campaign. But CNN does adhere to at least a little bit of the basics of journalistic integrity - not by much mind you.

How am I white washing? I have stated repeatedly in my posts that they are indeed warcrimes. I figured that out impression following mainstream media coverage btw.

No, you are only trying to advance a case for all mainstream media being propaganda, blindly, without actually watching or criticizing it. This is ideological, and while it is an effective critique of the modern media landscape, you are using it to lie about the nature of the reporting.

Its not the job of journalists to make that kind of judgement call. Only to report the facts on The ground. They have written plenty of articles about what Human Rights Watch, EU politicians, UN has to say on the matter.