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Or more precisely. You end up in a dark room. You’re not sure it’s in the castle.

I want to love my ecotank Epson. The software is butt ugly, but works. The printer itself isn’t the nicest looking, but works.

But man, the print quality. No matter how many times I run a cleaning cycle, it’s still a smeary mess within two pages and the deep clean doesn’t work. Neither the instructions in the manual nor found online work.

Same, have had a few select services exposed to the internet, behind very, very complex passwords or keys, with fail2ban etc. never had an incidence.

I’ve had really poor results with duckdns recently - it seems propagation flakes out every 2-3 months. Wrote to them about it but never had a response.

Honestly it couldn’t be simpler. Look at wg-easy docker container. You’ll be up and running in 10 minutes.

No, but like E5, then E10 then E30, fuels can be mixed. Scandinavian offers (for a premium) to use 50% SAF for your journey if you’re willing to pay the premium. Of course they achieve that by committing to buy and mix in a proportion of SAF into some, if not all compatible, flights, rather than fuelling your plane specifically, but it’s still something.

The additionally cost hasn’t been that much, about 25%. That’s probably reasonable in term of how many plane journeys either shouldn’t be taken or moved to rail.

Edge’s reader is decent I agree. But in what kind of bizarro world do one use a browser to read PDFs.

It pains me to say, but this is one area where Apple beats everyone. Their default PDF reader can do a LOT, it’s free, it’s already there and crucially it’s lightweight and not bogged down with shitty functionality no one needs, nor bristling with upsell towards premium features.

I do the same, except jump to adobe reader if I have to sign. But come on, this doesn’t satisfies either of us.

I know, it looks so weird. Just how twitter creates share-links now.

Old boot porno. Internet rule 34 in action.

Trezeta, which is an Italian brand of hiking goods. Not sure of the model, it’s been so long ago.


Alright, it wasn’t quite last year, I realised :) Time moves fast in your 40s.

Bought some walking boots in 1991 that I only got rid off last year (they finally broke). Except Antarctica they’ve been on every continent. Felt quite sad saying goodbye.

By Darwin I had not heard of wg-easy before. That is indeed easier than my setup. Thank you.

What if I told you that weekend days are locale dependent?!

Time and date is the black hole where optimistic programmers go to die. Nothing is simply with localisation and if you think it is, you mustn’t have worked enough with it.

Source: Run a system that schedules millions of interactions across the world and deeply depend on this. The amount of code to manage and/or call out to external services to give us information about time zones, summer time, locale specific settings, day names, calendar systems, week numbers etc etc.

Have always been treated fairly well by doctors, but since marrying and getting to know my wife so well that very, very little remains private, it’s very clear to me that doctors (male and female alike) take a special interest in diminishing female problems relating to periods, menopause, child birth, breast feeding, hormones etc.

That’s not true. You can own a gun for target shooting too, but just like in the U.K. you have to be a registered member of a club and while you can hold the gun at home, then only under strict controls and a gun can only leave that locker when it’s going to or from the club, or to and from a store for repair or sale.

The guy who went on a mass shooting in Fields (a big shopping mall) used a target shooting rifle from being a member of a shooting club.

Yes except it’s all open source and if you’re unhappy you can fork. Good luck forking iOS.

Klovn, the tv show (but also the three movies they made), is a Danish Curb Your Enthusiasm style show, often much more out there and including a lot of references to bodily humour.

It might take a little while to get into but it is riotously funny at times.

I think it was on Hulu for a bit, for all you Americans.

How are we this far through the thread without talking about Batman & Robin?

I’d be super happy with no upper limit on age.

What I definitely have is an attitude limit; I loathe it when sullen teenagers knock the door, mutter “trckotrt”, no dress up except someone has drawn a tear on their face and then grabs five portions of candy and just dashes out.

Like, you can be fucking 40 for all I care, but you squeal “triiick of treaaaat”, then I say “wow, aren’t your costumes great” and offer the bowl up. You then grab one large or a couple of small things, say thank you and walk off excitedly.

The requirement for me is that you look like you’re enjoying it. Otherwise, why am I opening the door to strangers and offering them sweets?

18 year reddit veteran.

I haven’t contributed or actively browsed Reddit since moving to Lemmy. Three visits from a google search for a specific problem.

I don’t get FOMO - too long in the tooth for that, but I do miss the center ground politically on Lemmy, which despite my best attempt of locating I haven’t found here. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one to frown at both nazis and tankies here.

Oh yeah. I do remember that. Ok. They’re assholes agree.

Been using OpenWRT for a long time on a cheap consumer router. Finally decided to upgrade to a fanless N100 appliance. Had to choose between OPNsense or pfSense.

pfSense just seemed too good to be true.

Da real MVP, right here.

I’ve been with my wife going on 20 years. She drives me insane at times and I her. I’m willing to look through her annoyances because she looks through mine. Before I met my wife I had one relationship I was 100% was THE ONE™️. She wasn’t. Neither will OP’s be. Break ups are hard, and they’re hard not to take personally, but they are just another person’s opinion.

The next one will come, most likely when you least expect it and have resigned yourself to “it won’t happen”.

Yup we do. There’s a couple of certification schemes that are decent, but you get what you pay for in offsets. Most aren’t really offset, just planting a tree that’ll disappear in 10 years.

Geological storage of air extracted carbon is the only standard I’d fully trust to genuinely act as an offset. Bloody expensive though.

I used to be a big believer in cooking stoves, but there’s research that shows it becomes an additional stove, not a replacement to open fire cooking. So that ain’t really working then.

All companies want open standards and regulation of the big players when they’re small. All companies want high barriers to entry and regulation of the small players when they’re big.

All companies want what is best for them. In that matter, they differ very little from people.

I can definitely see what you’re saying. But if you start to add packages, what do you gain in terms of known stability? Seems to me you might as well then just “be good” about not adding too many packages to a malleable distribution.

I think immutable OSes serve two purposes: For the developer who needs to operate multiple environments at the same time, and for the utter novice who could screw something up otherwise.

This audience, us, is the exactly middle ground. We like tinkering. We like setting things up.

So, I don’t think immutable OSes are for us.

OPNsense is ready to route pretty much after the default install, like any other off-the-shelf router. It’s only really complicated if you have complicated needs.

But with great respect, the question isn’t about a supposed measured level of IQ. OP is just saying “she don’t seem all that smart, guv’nor” and use the term IQ as a short hand for this. I doubt OP has sat down and asked this girl to do an official IQ test. Not sure why this immediately has to descend into a discussion about fascism and white supremacy.

100% Xbox is better lead than AB and Phil Spencer is an awesome person and an awesome leader. So in that respect there might be more time for King post-acquisition. But let’s wait and see

AB and Xbox are both North American corporate culture companies, for better or worse. King is very much a Swedish company, and spends a lot of time on the softer side of management.

King was already struggling fitting into AB culture. That work-24/7, Drive for Success™️, I-read-six-books-week-and-get-up-at-4-am-to-exercise culture will now be driven up to 11.

What in seven hells in this article on about saying King came out of Silicon Valley?! King couldn’t have been further from Silicon Valley.

I’d love it if client-side processing could collapse these posts into one.