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bought a refurbished 5 year old Thinkpad via Amazon for $150. put linux on it, no regrets

get new friends or develop thicker skin,

give it a few days & that ache will mature into a stabbing sensation

wow nice! thanks for the link. some of those are new to me. free shipping for orders over $50 is a pretty good deal as well - might have to get a few lbs of some of the more obscure ones.

man I dunno, I like a lot of different ones - like, chickpeas for hummus, or cannellini for italian dishes, or black beans with cuban mojo. even haricot beans with beurre blanc.

havent really run into a type of bean I dont like, thus far.

it’s almost never too late to do anything, excepting perhaps trying to get a 4 year degree when you’re 80+ years old. then it’s probably a bad idea.

you know how some glass bottles have that rounded pyramid-like shape in the bottom? start with that - it’ll reduce the amount of fries that can fit in the container.

next up, take a page from chips packagers & sell fries by volume, not weight.

finally, claim that the fries are hand picked by indigenous Peruvians with a multi-thousand year history of selecting specific potatoes for specific traits.

Bonus: craft your own ketchup, mustard, and aioli (mayo) and sell it by volume (like printer ink manufacturers do).

some of those AIgen porn pics are weird, I swear I almost recognize some of them. not sure about the deepfakes, but presumably the nsfw instance would lap it up.

ideally, you wouldnt have to do it - but some communities have next to no content. I suppose, provide credit where credit is due, etc.

was just playing mario rpg the other day (snes emulator), it’s a fun game

Musk’s leadership of Twitter. if we’re in a simulation it makes perfect sense - some admin forgot to flip a switch somewhere and shit has gone a bit off the rails

i really like the control that the individual has, at the user level, to block the communities/users they disagree with - defederation is just the next step up from that if an instance has a lot of spam, illegal content, tankies, liberal trash, support of incorrect sexual orientation, etc. it’d be nice if the individual was able to block entire instances, not just specific communities on those instances. I suspect that we will have that control in the near future.

yeah, there’s avenues for abuse - saw that last night when someone with a clear case of mental instability was spamming on the fediverse community (their post was wild though lol). eventually moderation tools will be developed to defederate individuals from the instance itself (IP block them, etc), but those tools will never be 100% effective.

i ran into a similar problem a few weeks ago when went down for a while. I just gave up and moved to

yeah, I’ve run into that a time or two - or the subscribe button is a button but it doesnt “act” like a button. it’s just bizarre behavior I’ve never really seen on any other platform. I can still interact with those pages/communities, just not add them into my feed by “subscribing”.

eh, i realized a long time ago than the only privacy that exists is between your ears.

amazon but only because I want free shipping and the streaming service was included. if it wasnt I wouldnt miss it

other than those specific names on that specific instance being “claimed”, they have no real value or purpose. XeNoX (or whomever) doesnt know how decentralized media platforms work.

I’ve noticed that voting is slow, joining/leaving communities is slow (or doesnt happen at all in some cases), but commenting is very fast now.

beehaw is a “safe space” echo chamber - it caters to very special snowflakes. you’re not missing anything

yep. if something like debt forgiveness has a lot of bipartisan support, it should be an easy bit of legislation to pass.

unsurprising, it was basically judged as setting a horrible precedent from the beginning.

go into debt? you pay your debt. full stop, end of discussion.

want to change that? get congress to change how laws work

browser. i’ll revisit that decision in a few months.

pros: money

cons: needles (some folks have a phobia), track marks/scarring, possibly infections.

eh… ymmv. I’ve gotten some useful things from HF (cargo bars), and some really garbage-tier chinesium products too

The Junk Drawer - a community to post images of your junk drawer (I know you have one), discuss junk, a journey of discovery
saw the post about "The Refrigerator" and thought... "what about junk drawers?" - we've all got one. some of us have more than one ;) post images of your Junk Drawer, discuss junk, etc.

how to sort communities on the instance by number of subscribers?
is there any way to sort the communities by subscriber count? I want to view the ones that dont have many subscribers, there's probably some interesting ones - but I dont want to page through who knows how many pages there are to see them. doable?