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Is there any collection of such inspirational / wisdom quotes?
If not, then one should be started.
And this quote should be added to it.

I expected the classic “be the change that you wabt to see in the world”, but despite being similar, this one is very good as well.

sup dawg, head you like announcements, so we announced our announcement in our latest announcement

ZP ran for a very long time. At this point I am not even mad that it ends.
someone go check what are some longest running web series and where does ZP stand on that list

so this is something similar to https://celestiaproject.space/ but made with Godot engine?
sounds cool. Now we just need to convert it into a space-themed game.

as the article points out, they did actually do some good things
also, check out VSCodium. A cleaned up version of VSCode (I assume that name was inspired by Chromium, a cleaned up version of Google Chrome)

Wikipedia is usually a good place for descriptions and definitions
Check out this article about Lemmy and feel free to make improvements to it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmy_(social_network)

a cover of U2 - Elevation called Federation someone come up with the lyrics and proper instrumental cover so that we don’t trip copyright

I am aware of those two, but those are just for file storage. I was thinking something more general. Like having a Virtual Private Server, that people can extend with their donated resources. VPS can be used for more than just file storage. It can do processing as well.

Something like BOINC but for hosting
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/5768010 > You know [BOINC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkeley_Open_Infrastructure_for_Network_Computing), the thing where you can donate your processing power to specific computational projects? > Is there anything like that, but for hosting platforms / services? > Something where you could say "I am willing to dedicate this much of my CPU, RAM and storage space to this project or this group of people". > Say that I have a server that is more or less collecting dust, and I want to make it do something productive. > I am aware of YUNOHost and alternatives, but that still requires me to choose which things to deploy and also somehow then offer that to the community. > As a certified lazy dude, I would much rather say "here's the computer, use it for whatever you need the most". > The issue I see with this is that my goodwill could be abused for hosting something inappropriate or even illegal, and then I would be held responsible. So there should be some transparency requirement or some other mechanism that helps prevents this. > > And yes, self-hosting would not be the accurate term to describe this kind of distributed resource sharing. "croud-sourced self-hosting"? "crowd-hosting" sounds like a good description for this phenomenon. > Some implementation of this probably already exists. > Please provide any relevant names or links that would help me find more about this.

You could have system monitor open in order to check what happens with Firefox process when the browser freezes.
See if you can find a reproducible way to freeze the browser. That way you can start to narrow down the cause of the issue. You could stay on the older version of Firefox and only update once the next version is released.

reminds me of that joke from Futurama


You, ensign, whats your name?

Hugh Man

Hugh Man sir!


Now that’s a name you can trust.

What can we do to re-shape society for the better?
If top of the society is immoral psychopaths with power, and most of the society is composed of people with good intentions, then there is not much hope for "beta uprising" until things go way beyond point of recovery, because powerful psychopaths will not let their power get taken away. Not sure if this is just evolutionary biology, but this cycle of psychopaths at the top has been going on since when, at least ancient Egypt. And in all these thousands of years, the system that enables this cycle got way more reinforced than it got dismantled. So is it maybe better idea to put benevolent people's energy towards designing and preparing a new societal system that will have built-in mechanisms for preventing corruption and malevolence? "prepare" as in get ready to implement for when the current messed up system is about to grind to a halt and collapse? Well, it would be best to figure out how to go full Benevolent Theseus™ by replacing parts of currently failing system with the corruption-proof ones. What are some resources related to this topic? Recearch on societal dynamics, designing political systems, examples of similar revolutions that already happened, etc. Post any links that you consider relevant

ossinsight.io - real-time display of what happens on GitHub
ossinsight.io - real-time display of what happens on GitHub

depends on your instance lol
the one that I am using is working juat fine
while fosstodon was down a few minutes ago
so the beauty of Mastodon is that it will fully down only arond the time that whole internet goes down

this test gets a seal of approval from me, testman

website that has a lot of remixes and similar music to what was in the soundtracks of Jet Set Radio games

Graph showing how many people starred Lemmy Github repo
it's not just Lemmy users and instances graphs that are going FULL STONKS 📈 , it's people starring repo as well: ![SVG image](https://starchart.cc/LemmyNet/lemmy.svg)

lol I don’t think that Bender would be the best moderator

yay we are all terrorists [direct Odysee link](https://odysee.com/@rossmanngroup:a/adblock-and-signal-are-for-terrorists:f)

most people on the internet have way too smooth brain to comprehend this
therefore Lemmy is complex and scary

The link at “Lemmy has almost 20 pull requests on Github.²” points to kbin repo PRs instead of the intended Lemmy repo PRs.
also why the ² notation mark? at the bottom of the article, there is only one note, there does not appear to be the second one that this notation mark is supposed to be pointing to.

Joe Kucan’s hair stylist

Also center of the world is clearly full of Tiberium

comment test successful as well

this was suggested quite a few times already, both here and in Github issues.
question is, how do we get interested people to start implementing it
Developers said in the latest news post that they are aware of community wanting this, but they are way too busy working on some core Lemmy issues, so someone else will have to step up in order to get this to be implemented sooner

post it to Mastodon with LemmyDev account

CUBE: Defender of the Polyverse
and because internet is amazing, some people actually made games based on this: https://www.indiedb.com/games/cube-defender-of-the-polyverse mfw Monotech Power Game Unit lost it's flagship exclusive game

Matrix.org - A brand new website

We didn’t start the flame war - CollegeHumor
very relevant song these days also remember Digg?

there have been many threads and GitHub issues about this topic.
Currently there is no good way of doing it from withing Lemmy’s interface.
There are these two things that can help you find communities, but you will still have to manually subscribe to them.
https://lemmyverse.net/ and https://browse.feddit.de/

this is a awesome trick that more people should know about

there is also solution for the opposite problem, when you have two machines and you have no idea what is in between them:
initiating transfer is as easy as copy-pasting or re-typing a short phrase
and it will find the best path to transfer files. If they are on same network, it will transfer locally. If they are on the opposite sides of the internet, transfer will go through proxy server, etc.

Impressive scalability
Can we appreciate that Lemmy architecture design and dedication of instance admins made it possible for this to happen: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/86b0a83e-3423-4bd7-b4d4-c9b3b8191a2e.png) https://the-federation.info/lemmy I wonder how many other projects could scale up this quickly as well as Lemmy did.

[Project] Nextcloud Hub 5
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/1235039 > https://nextcloud.com/blog/introducing-hub-5-first-to-deliver-self-hosted-ai-powered-digital-workspace/

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/1190912 > now Louis has me hyped for NewPipe on steroids or whatever their new project will be

testing tests
for testing purposes

Matrix 2.0 talk from FOSDEM 2023
changed URL to the video that Matrix channel uploaded