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Who needs all this crazy firewall stuff when I have my

iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST SYN -j TCPMSS --clamp-mss-to-pmtu
iptables -A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A INPUT -i ppp0 -j DROP

And for IPv6 you don’t need a firewall, just use slaac and hope no one finds the address

What the hell, I wondered why the website wasn’t loading then I see a 228 page PDF open lol

This is wrong, I use IPTables but the device is absolutely not dedicated lol.

I just grep’d the nginx access log for the IP address and looked at the access times. you can see if it’s timing out is the response code is 400. sadly ~57% of the requests are currently timing out today. it seems to work for a bit then time out for about 10 minutes, at least there is some coming through now, before the requests had stopped completely. is also back in my logs. yay is almost perfect on the timeouts, so they must have managed to fix it.

It’s only been a few minutes but I’m seeing non timing out federation in my nginx access log. Hopefully it keeps working.
Also at least on my instance, has completely broken, I’m not getting anything from it at all anymore. it dropped out at 13:52:22 and besides a couple few messages it’s been silence since then. It seems to be working on so I’m not sure what’s causing that.

Download ML thing.
make new venv.
pip install -r requirements.txt.
pip can’t find the right versions.
pip install --update pip.
pip still can’t find the right versions.
install conda.
conda breaks for some reason.
fix conda.
install with conda.
pytorch won’t compile with CUDA support.
install 2,000,000GB of nvidia crap from conda.
pytorch still won’t compile.
install older version of gcc with conda.
pytorch still won’t compile.
reinstall the entire operating system with debian 11.
apt can’t find shitlib-1.
install shitlib-2.
it’s not compatible with shitlib-1.
compile it from source.
automake breaks.
install debian 10.
It actually works.
“Join our discord to get the model”.
give up.

Server recommendation
cross-posted from: > Hello, > I'm looking for a good first server for a homelab. > I do already have an old Dell poweredge 1950 I got for £30 but it's: > - Loud > - Draws 350W > - Costs too much to run > - Only has 2 HDD slots > - DRAC card needs Internet explorer > > I'm not too bothered by the noise because I can just move it, but the electricity cost is quite ridiculous for something less powerful than my PC in every way. > I live in the UK so electricity prices are a huge factor for this. > > My Ideal specs are: > - ~16 cores (total) > - >= 128GB RAM > - ~100W idle power draw > - >= 4 3.5" HDD bays > - Preferably HBA mode on RAID card > - £100-200 > - 2U > > Is this completely unreasonable? I have found servers that match this all except the 3.5" bays and 2U. > Initially I found a Dell server with 128GB of RAM and two 12 core CPUs for about £200 but I realised it only has 2.5" bays. > There is a nice R720 on ebay I am watching but it will probably skyrocket near the end of the bid. Also, it probably draws a lot of power. > Any suggestions? do I just need to raise my price? > Thanks

You can get even lower! hello world in 512 bytes:


And I’m sure even lower, look at all those zeros! and that stupid header

Ok, the modding for the typescript community has just federated. But the C one hasn’t??? maybe just leave it a bit. maybe it’ll work there too?

I have a stupid overcomplicated networking script that never works. So every time i set up a new server I need to fix a myriad of weird issues I’ve never seen before. Usually I setup a server with a keyboard and mouse because SSH needs networking, if it’s a cloud machine its the QEMU console or hundreds of reboots.

I die inside every time I see discord of matrix used that lol. I feel like homelab users have more than enough processing power to run their own lemmy instance or maybe a forum. The beehaw situation really isn’t good. I suppose you could use lemmy like a forum though? I hope they get something sorted out though.

it’s not official, also the mod here seems to be inactive. but it’s the biggest homelab lemmy I could find on
I don’t know where all the people from r/homelab have gone. some other subreddit that have closed have flooded into lemmy but r/homelab doesn’t seem to have done that.

I’m mod on a couple other federated communities, it’s just these that don’t work. very strange! I don’t really know what to do lol. maybe try unmodding and remodding? i’m not too bothered about modding the communities unless you want me to.

This is really strange. the modding still hasn’t been federated. I can’t see that i’m a mod on my instance

An incomplete archive of r/homelab
Here is my attempt to archive r/homelab before it went dark. Google says there about 92,400 results for, I have 2098, that's only about 2% of it. Maybe there is something of use to you in that 2%. Please don't webscrape, if you want all the data you can get the raw BDFR archive at []( or the live web version at [](

thanks! I don’t see it yet, might take a little to federate.
could I also suggest a regex community please?

sure. I’m still new to typescript, hopefully that’s ok. I guess you you need me to make a post on them?

Can we get the C programming language?
Maybe a typescript one too?

Brilliant, I can see so much more of the main page. one less than but that doesn’t really matter. Thank you so much!
I know there isn’t anything you can do but one of the things I’ll miss about reddit is the custom CSS. I hope some form of custom CSS gets added to lemmy. I’ll miss the “unique” design of r/mildlyinfuriating or the complete insanity of r/ooer (I tried to link WayBackMachine but it seems to be down)

Good shit, That fixes most of the UI complaints from me. One other think I can think of is making the post a bit smaller to fit more on the screen. Much better than default though.

[Question] OVH vs hetzner for a cheap dedicated server
I don't know if renting a dedicated server goes against the point of selfhosting but whatever. Everyone seems to recommend hetzner on reddit because they are cheaper, but OVH seems to be much cheaper that hetzner for low end servers, especially the Kimsufi and So You Start ranges. This is the server I was looking at with OVH: CPU : Intel Xeon D1520 - 4c/8t - 2.2 GHz/2.6 GHz Memory : 32 GB DDR4 ECC Storage : 4 x 2 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID Public bandwidth : 250 Mbps Price: £26.66 per month. hetzner seems to start a lot higher with specs, but I don't need 64GB of ram and a 1Gb/s internet connection, The instance I am posting this from is the lowest spec kimsufi possible with an intel atom and 4GB of RAM and that is running lemmy and mastodon fine. Is there something else bad about OVH that I am missing? (other than the flammable servers)

Testing my instance