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Challenge someone to a game of chess on the Fediverse!
I found this on ['s app list](, and instantly loved it. It's such a neat and well executed idea!

Been wanting to see a TF2 community on Lemmy as well :P

A very well visually crafted and laid out criticism to recent cosmetics and what makes Team Fortress 2's style so good. The dude clearly has strong opinions, but I agree with him.

This is kinda obscure in the grand scheme of things, and will realistically not going to happen, but I’d love if the /r/EthosLab community moved here :P

And of course, a bigger portuguese presence (I run a portuguese instance hehe).

This is an area of very much needed improvement.

For users, you should use the completion popup. When you type an @ followed by a name it will suggest users matching that, and if you click on one it will fill out a mention with the link to their origin page.
Give it a shot, try mentioning me in a reply!

The issue with this is the link isn’t portable, meaning it may get you out of your home instance. The best way to link any user or community is to do /u/name@origininstance.tld (for users; /c/ for communities) instead of https://origininstance.tld/u/name. That way the link is relative (so no issue of moving away from your home) and it’s fully qualified (so no issue with name clashes between instances).

Why was down? (July 2023)

It’s not open source but it’s quite literally the best Android application I’ve ever seen, by a significant margin. It’s from the good old days where apps were small, very well designed, very polished and did not collect data.

It’s FX, a gem ever more lost to time. The site is a bit old and unmaintained so SSL certificates may give you a bit of trouble, but you can just ignore the warnings, it’s just an info page.

FX, despite not receiving updates for years has so many features of such great quality, I’ve yet to find any alternative with a truly competing interface and feature set.

Been using it for 10 years and it has been the pinnacle of Android.

Edit: I know you’ll be detracted from trying it since it’s not FOSS, but seriously give it a shot.

Awesome work!

I’d like to know more about the exact container topology you have, since I may try something similar on my instance as well.
Is it something like this?

┌───┐       ┌───┐
│WEB│       │WEB│
└─┬─┘       └─┬─┘
┌─┴─┐ ┌───┐ ┌─┴─┐
│BE ├─┤IMG├─┤BE │
└─┬─┘ ├───┤ └─┬─┘
  └───┤DB ├───┘  

Thank you! :3

Yeah, the default sorting behavior contributes quite a bit.

I’ve loved the idea behind Lemmy since I first discovered. At first, I was using, but then I saw the opportunity to provide a nice space and expand my sysadmin skills. Since there was no Portuguese instance yet, I thought why not create one?
Since then, I’ve met more people hosting Portuguese services and it has been great :D

For funding, I’m working on two ways: the typical donations and trying to secure support from local FOSS organizations. At the moment, the server costs are not prohibitive and there have been some donations already. I’ve also been talking to some of those orgs and it’s going well :)

ooh that’s an interesting idea for sure, might snatch it :P

I’ve settled on Manjaro with KDE on my current laptop. On my next one, I’ll probably move to plain Arch. Alpine is quite cool as well.

Yes. Here in Portugal, water is drinkable without boiling. Of course, water quality varies from region to region, but as it happens, where I live it’s quite good :)

I watched Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino yesterday for the first time, after being in my list for so long.

Such a masterpiece. Lengthy, but it gives it enough room to have a nice pacing. Great photography and dialogue, of course. One of Tarantino’s best, imo.

Liftoff is basically a fork of the “old” Lemmur. It’s kinda sad they don’t even mention it anywhere on the repo :/ (they mention in the app’s about page)

I distinctively remember portions of my little school when I was between 2 and 3 years old, and of playing with my still-to-this-day best friend :P
Further back than that, I can’t really remember anything, I don’t think.

Oh I’m out, been running an instance for two years now 😉
I only still catch up with the situation to help people migrate over here hehe

> *Tried to submit this post but it gets filtered by the automod so posting here for now.* > > *Posting this from an alt because I'm still locked out of my account.* > > About an hour ago, we went ahead with the changes on [r/MildlyInteresting]( following [overwhelming support]( from our community. The idea was to go public again, but designate the subreddit as NSFW with a bigger focus on suggestive looking fruits and whatnot. > > I was preparing the sub to go live, but just after I switched it to NSFW, I was **logged out of my account** on every single platform and locked out. I can successfully reset my password, but it will nevertheless not let me login. > > Following this, another mod posted our update instead. Right after, the u/ModCodeofConduct > account removed the post and flipped the sub back to restricted instead of public. Then, the second moderator was also logged out of their account and locked out. Other mods tried to re-approve the post, one of them was promptly logged out and locked out as well. > > A few minutes after, the entire team was [removed from the subreddit]( without any prior communication of any kind. As it stands, at least three of us are **literally locked out of our Reddit accounts** and the other mods were only removed from the sub. > > I honestly don't even have words for this situation right now. No communication, no attempt to seriously answer any of our questions we asked in ModMail, but still going in and removing our posts, literally locking us out of our accounts, removing the entire moderation team, and entirely ignoring the [40,000 people]( who voted to either take the sub back private, or open it with new rules. > > The only thing I can say is that I'm incredibly disappointed and disheartened that the Reddit Admins believe this is the correct way to act.

I didn’t know anything about Raddle besides the name until now. But gosh, is that a needlessly toxic pit. There’s a poor guy there getting completely beaten up by an admin and some others which seem to be enjoying their time-wasting public bullying. Oh well…

mm you bring good points! hadn’t thought of how it would level the playing field

Dang, looking at those phones from back then, they were such good designs. Simple yet effective.

I don’t see an issue, but perhaps nobody ever thought to really try shipping a device with something like that. Specially since the water proofing advent.

That would be quite utopian, however I feel such a thing would be incredible hard to achieve. Different form factors require different layouts, space is much tighter and should not be wasted. In desktop PC land, you have plenty of room to fit things as you want.
It may not be showstopper, but it’s certainly a challenge. And of course, companies won’t like it :P

mm maybe. connectors should definitely have a tiny magnet, but its still rare…

Yeah, I support that decision :P
I personally don’t see that much value in water proofing, I’ve never came across a situation where I thought it would have been rather helpful to have water proofing. Maybe I’ve just been very lucky hehe

Exactly! It bums me so much that the vast majority of the money you spent buying the device and of the money spent making the device is completely thrown out because you can’t replace a little component that was perfectly replaceable 10 years ago… 🙄

Naturally. Just a shame it isn’t a bit earlier :P

Yes, for sure. My last phone lasted two months shy of 6 years, and was replaced because of a touch issue (a little strip across the screen no longer acted on touch, which made typing and other stuff completely impossible), and was only “fine” in regards to battery because it was a huge one to begin with (+4Ah for a 5" screen). The battery was definitely way worse than original, but still on par with some new phones today lol

They could certainly do better, but they do quite a bit yeah.

They sure will fight it. The main counter-argument I see is water proofing, but I believe I’ve seen a phone with good proofing but still accessible. Don’t remember the brand and model though.

Yeah. And battery issues are one of the biggest sources of new phone purchases. This is going to help reduce e-waste for sure.

I was not talking about running the battery down to 0, that’s no good for li-ion batteries either. I was talking about the exact, opposite, reaching 100% and staying there for hours on end (which happens during the night). With AccA I can set an upper limit.

Yep! But this community isn’t the right place for such questions, ! is :)

I used to never charge my phone at night, because of my battery health pedantry. I the found the AccA app which enables me to limit the maximum charging, so now I sometimes leave it changing during the night.

The free version is already really good, but I still have the $10/y premium plan because it’s so cheap and they deserve it :P

BitWarden has been a trusted, reliable and very useful service for me.

Might take a jab at working on that export/import feature for the backend this summer. It’s quite a crucial feature and with the new influx of users, it would definitely be a nice thing to squash.