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DVI and HDMI are actually the same video signal. Which is why adapters are so cheap.
DP can carry an HDMI encoded signal (and thus a DVI signal), which is why DP->HDMI and DP->DVI adapters are so cheap. It’s called DP Dual Mode or Multi Mode or something like that.
I haven’t encountered a device that outputs DisplayPort that cannot output the Dual Mode HDMI encoded signal as well.

HDMI/DVI->DP is an active conversion - ie it is re-encoding it. Which is why the converters are significantly more expensive.

However, it’s all digital. If the signal quality degrades, it will be very obvious because it stops working (sparkles on a black screen, lines, flashes, all sorts).

Never mind flaky internet, what about people that do events?

Things like PowerPoint presentation machines, VJ systems, video servers (for massive multiscreen playback).
You can’t go into a field for a festival and expect reliable internet.
You can’t go into a theatre and expect reliable internet, especially when 3k+ people turn up.
There are a few systems that run OSX, but Apple’s hardware doesn’t give you as much control as something like an Nvidia Quadro with sync cards. 99% of the big shows will be ran from Windows OS

On money counting…
Well, $500 and $1000 bill was discontinued in 1969.
So, if you are dealing with those bills, you are dealing with collectors who will be more particular.
So, let’s got with $100 bills.
Googling “fastest bill counter” gives the “JetScan iFX i100” which can do 1600 bills per minute.
Which is only 6.25 minutes for $1M in $100 bills.
And it had counterfeit detection.
Honestly, that’s a hell of a lot faster than I expected.
If the bank has/uses automated machines for customer deposits.

Anyway, I don’t think a bank would accept a $1M deposit.
Any deposits over $10,000 require special processing by the IRS.
Indeed, all financial institutions need to abide by “know your customer” rules.

If you are a regular banker than has a $50k salary and you rock up with $1M cash, a bank is going to refuse you. Or at least do a hell of a lot of due-diligence.
It’s all about anti-laundering and anti-terrorism these days, and they need to manage the risk of having you as a customer.
If you have a history of big cash deposits, then it might be easier.

Even then, chances are you would have to go to a fairly major branch of a bank for them to be able to accept the risk of holding $1M in cash.

I know modern banking is “Money in, money out. So easy”.
But beyond certain thresholds, risk management, government agencies and laws all come into effect. And you can bet your ass, a bank will be wanting to minimise their risk!

Might be a little old? Not sure, you would have to research it.
I’m not well versed in what pfSense/opnSense needs, which is why I threw r630s at a project that mattered.
Some cheapo refubed i3 with an Intel NIC card would do. I just suggested the SFF refurb because a lot of people like low power (and SFFs are generally low power)

“several hours” being the entire expected length of the expedition.
Because previous dives, the sub had lost communication for long periods of time.

This whole thing was a “how not to submarine”.
Like, you know how OSHA/HSE/whatever laws are written in blood? Yeh, prime example.

For me, it was a notepad.
Not a note app or anything digital.
Just a book to scribble the random thoughts in with a pen.
It lets my mind release it, and if I circle back to it when chilling I can always re-read the notepad and make changes or whatever.

If I find myself super bored when trying to have a few days off, I can collate any notes into more concrete notes.
But always pen on paper, in a notepad.

Next time I’m at work, I can reread my notes and make more objective decisions on their quality/implementation

All it does for me is double down the imposter-syndrome.
I’m not good at this… People keep hiring me, maybe I’m alright at it. Dunning-Kuger is a thing, maybe my “people keep hiring me” ego is making me blind.
And yet, every day I do cool things, I learn new cool things, I redo old things with my new knowledge
But still… I’m just pretending

This would be great, because it would “validate” GDPR.
Data protection requests would be more likely to be planned-for and succeed if users didn’t have to say/prove they were an EU citizen.
Certainly, as a UK citizen who has these protections, but not specifically GDPR, it can be difficult leverage these rights.
More countries adopting these kind of laws will hopefully resolve into a global standard of “right to be forgotten”, as long as it doesn’t collapse into an XKCD#927 scenario (https://xkcd.com/927)

Which is awesome.
I actually have no idea where Blockchain tech could exist.
A reputation could be an excellent example. But if it can be manipulated or gamed, it kinda makes it pointless.
At which point a centralised registry makes sense.
As long as the central registrar can be trusted.
But I don’t think Blockchain solves that point of trust.

So, once again, turns out Blockchain tech is pretty useless.

Is this finally an application for a Blockchain?
Some sort of decentralised registry of instance reputation?

Theres some that aren’t just money.
There are bots that mirror content from Reddit, just linking to them.
I’ve seen posts that are 3 or 4 crossposts (between community/instances) deep.

I want content.
I don’t want bot content

I think getting to a bank, explaining where 1M in cash came from, getting them to accept the deposit, getting them to count it, then spending it in less than an hour is not feasible.

Because, depositing it in a bank is not enough.
It has to be spent.
So, if you don’t spend it then the bank is left without however much disappears… If that makes sense.

And, given that, I don’t think investing is a suitable application.
Otherwise, just invest it directly at the bank.
Maybe you don’t get inflation-beating interest (ie, if it was your 1M you would be losing money), but after whatever-term you get 1M of clean money to spend.

Having never built an app in .net, my first instinct would be to try to containerise it.
This would make the installation of it (mostly) platform independent, and would let you easily prove it on your development machine.


Note that docker isn’t the only way. There is also podman, and I’m sure there are others.
All of these build ontop of the Open Container Initiative, and are mostly interchangeable. It’s only once you dig deeper into docker/podman/whatever that you might start running into compatibility issues.
I don’t think I’ve ran into any issues between using docker and podman, albeit for nodejs applications.

My home box ran for a few years with no issues, until I started having DNS issues. I’m fairly certain that was unbound and the blocklists I had selected, tho.
I set up a Cron job to update the block lists every night, and give unbound service a restart.
It’s been solid since then, and my DNS issues have disappeared.

Now, I am checking for updates and installing those every few months. So it gets a restart when that happens.

You could get a refurbished SFF computer that has a low profile PCIe slot, and put an Intel 4 port network card in it.
Would probably cost $150 tops. And its a solid entry! Certainly, that’s what I used before I bought one of the fanless network appliance type things.

My home network has one of those fanless 4 port doodaas from Amazon/eBay if you search for pfSense.
Never had an issue with it, I’m on 300/100mbit broadband tho.

For another project for 10gbps networking, I used a refubed single-socketed dell r630. Probably massively overkill. Also, never saw traffic anywhere near 10gbps… So can’t really comment on that.

I used to use pfSense. It’s great.
I recently moved to opnSense… And I think it’s better.
Both are good, both are BSD, both have similar settings (tutorials are mostly interchangeable)… But opnSense just does it better, updates more frequently, nicer UI etc.

If you are talking to yours ISP, it’s worth getting a bridge modem, and settings details for your own router.
This modem will turn “isp” into ethernet, then your opnSense/pfSense can make the actual connection. This means it gets the public IP directly.

On the “node programming isn’t programming”… I’ve made a lot of money using things like Node-Red and TouchDesigner (seriously, TouchDesigner is the love of my life)

Node-red is amazing.
I have done so many interesting things, strange integrations, quick and dirty glue-code with node-red…

Before I knew about node-red, I bought into some proprietary home automation system (mostly for my boiler and servicing of it). What a mistake.
I wish I could apply node-red to my home.

If I don’t know of a solution to a specific problem, chances are I’m going to use/recommend node-red

I just have to say - looking from the outside in - “faith & freedom” is a terrible political slogan

I never get why they don’t release these for October.
Cash in on that Halloween/Spooktober market.


So, Scots is an old language from Scotland (like pre-1700). It’s been recognised as an actual language, and is making a bit of a come back (although, maybe an “online comeback” because lots of people in Scotland speak Scots or are influenced by it. Scots never really died), and there are many ways to actually write it.

Anyway, this drama came to a point a few years ago on Reddit.
Basically, an American teenager created a bunch of translations of wiki articles. More than a bunch… Like A LOT.
To the point, that some of the translations became referenced in other sources as being factual, despite the fact that they were mostly “English with a Scottish language”.
Like, you know how AI generated data might be poisoning AI training? That kinda thing.
So, there is was a huge undertaking to review the Scots translation of Wikipedia, and ensure it is accurate.

The 2 Lemmy devs have funding. About 1500 total from community support, with the rest coming from a sponsorship/incubator type deal. A deal which pays out when targets/goals are achieved.
Which made me laugh at this:

sure, let me stop doing my day job and start planning on this completely unpaid enhancement

Which is entirely what you are asking the Lemmy devs to do.

Thanks for raising awareness of the spam-bot-account issue.

It’s not a mod wand. Wands have a super rare chance of having more that 26 slots.
I think there is an effort to gather seeds and locations of 26+ slot wand spawns, in order to try and make calculators/finders.

I would agree that a run should be a run in isolation.

Whilst I agree in principal to “healthy to see opinions you disagree with”, I don’t want to see things like “trans people are mutants” (which is disgusting rhetoric).

I don’t think this necessarily brings around “ignorance is bliss”. News articles of Trump blaming “mutants” are enough to remind me why I formed these opinions, without having to debate it with people of dissenting opinion.

That is some excellent context, thanks.
I know a few streamers that have been chatting about kick. The gambling origin/backing makes it seem sketchy AF.

This is how mixr - or whatever it was called - died out.
They bought in a couple big streamers expecting the rest to follow.
But what makes twitch so good are the smaller communities.
They often play niche games, have their own fantastic history, raiding each other, nice people, nice streamer interactions.

Some streamers I know have talked about kick. Apparently they are offering a 95% split.
I know twitch is probably extremely inefficient, but if twitch is struggling with a 50/50 split, how the fuck can kick maintain a 95/5 split? And if you move your entire community to another platform, just for that platform to die?

YouTube is probably in the best position to rival Twitch.
But their live stream system and discovery is severely lacking

Gmail is probably squeezed in on the servers running GSuite (the business version of Gmail). And I imagine it’s very profitable from small/mid even large businesses.

Same with maps.
There will be companies that have tracking and planning software built ontop of maps, and for these uses it requires API keys.

General users using it for free will provide great information and data (eg, detecting/tracking traffic jams), but their usage probably “fits” around the paid usage

For me, that source redirects to that twitch stream.
It’s the same people running it. It’s just that the original site for overloaded. So they swapped to twitch to live stream the data

It’s not forcing a sub to open.
It’s removing mods that are squatting on a sub or vandalising a sub, as per described in the mod guidelines.
Whether the new mods that Reddit instates open the sub or not is up to the new mods.

They can say the first and do the second. The mods they instate will open the sub.

That’s not a hot take.
That’s where I think the threadiverse/lemmyverse/fediverse/whatever is (hopefully) going to end up.
The big instances are like browsing /r/all. The focused instances are going to be where it’s at.

“Oh, rust? Yeh, you want the rust instance, or maybe the programming instance. Not here in the gardening instance”

It sounds like you are describing new user experience.
And I understand, coming from Reddit, how this can be a shock.
However, that’s how Lemmy works.
Similar to how twitter users got a shock moving (or trying to move) to mastadon.

The very nature of the fediverse works better with more instances, where a single instance has fewer users and the communities are more focussed.

Beehaw hasn’t “blacklisted everyone from…”. They’ve defederated. Whilst it may seem similar, it’s more nuanced. And that’s what a lot of people don’t understand.
Block-listing all users from lemmy.world from interacting with beehaw would be an amazing ability. That would put beehaw in a read-only state for users on lemmy.world, whilst still allowing beehaw users access to lemmy.world.
Unfortunately, the current admin/mod tools do not allow for that. And manually dealing with the huge influx of toxic users (posting death threats, illegal porn or trolling) was taking too much time.

Besides, the lemmy.world admin is working on custom tooling to deal with this issue. Because it is their users causing this issue, and it is their problem. And there is no higher authority - there are no Reddit admins to say “stop brigading”.
Shitjustworks, last I heard, weren’t responding to communication.
I have no doubts that beehaw will refederate as soon as Lemmy.world sorts their mod issues, or the Lemmy framework allows for more nuanced mod tools.

You have to remember that Lemmy is young.
It’s been around for a few years, but the shear scale of what is happening now is less than 2 weeks old

I think a lot of them are either going to be support subs (like stopdrinking), or they will be subs asking their users what they should do.
The modcoord subreddit is full of support for continued protest

Probably because they are less conservative and more … Contrarian?